Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Much of the world as I know it is doing Life Reviews. As another year passes, we look back at the remarkable changes we've gone through. I certainly have!

A friend spent today doing "the last time she'd ___________ in 2010."  It wasn't about things she no longer wanted to do -- it was about the last egg she'd eat in 2010, the last book she'd read, the last cup of coffee she'd drink, the last load of laundry she'd do, the last shower she'd take. I thought that was an interesting thing to think. What if we approached everything like that? Like it was the last time we'd ever do a thing, no matter how profound or simple it was? I'm sure we'd be paying a lot more attention!! Our actions would be filled with meaning. It's called living in the NOW!

Then again, many of the conversations of the last couple of days seem to be around New Year's Resolutions. I have often made them, and just as often, broken them. As I listened to people talking about being more successful, losing weight, being more prosperous, or finding their RPM (right and perfect mate), I realized all that will come - more good is always coming. I could have it anytime I could accept it was already so.

This year I decided to set an Intention -- not about what I wanted to do or have -- but what I wanted to Be. I declared my intention to be more loving, more compassionate and more kind than I was this year.

What I absolutely Know, is whether we decide to be more in the Now, or what ever resolutions or intentions we declare, this time next year, we will be different people.

Somewhere in the years 170 to 180, Marcus Aurelius wrote in "Meditations": "All things you see will be changed, and out of their substance will make other things and again others so the world may be ever new."

Right now I declare that is Good -- why? Because no matter how things change, it's all God!

Happy New Year everyone!


I step into this New Year, ready and willing to have a greater experience of the One Life. I am open to the realization that God is my good, therefore my good is always here.

I choose now to be more than I thought I was - I step fully into my Divinity, knowing it is my true self. Out of this comes magnificent changes, not only for myself but for all in my circle of influence and beyond.

I declare 2011 is a good year -- a year of experiencing Life in Its abundance of all things. I am healthy, happy and fulfilled, and the vibration I live in, is a powerful, positive force for the good of all.

I now release these words to the Law of Mind, knowing they are deeply embodied. And so it is.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

When I was a child I read a legend that said if you stay up until midnight on Christmas Eve, you'd hear the animals talk. I don't know how many years I did this, but they never did talk.

As I got older, I realized they talked to me all the time, and I to them. It just doesn't sound like what I thought it would when I was a child. My cats have body postures and sounds that tell me what they want and sometimes I get things telepathically. I've learned over the years to communicate in their language by listening and watching and so have they. They speak in the language of Love.

This is a good lesson for us as we join family members and friends for the holidays. Not everyone speaks our 'language.' Instead of getting frustrated, we can take a deep breath and just listen. It doesn't matter if their beliefs or politics are different from ours. We don't have to agree or disagree. We can just listen - and love.

Gurudas Sunyatananda wrote on his blog Living Dharma today: "It would serve us well to remember that the true objective of Christ’s teaching is not for us to become Christians, but to become Christ’s."

Christ is Love. Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of Love!

Happy Holy Days,
Rev. Angelica


God is Love, and all there is is God - so Love is everywhere. Love is what I came here for. Love is what I am.

As I realize this, I open my heart and let Love in. I become so full that it spills out everywhere I go and radiates from everywhere I am. Love blesses all.

How grateful I am to know this Truth. Love is now my guide in all my actions and activities. Love clears my mind and soothes my heart. It is as easy to love those that don't speak my language as it is those that do.

I now release these words to the Law of Mind, knowing they are deeply embodied. And so it is.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Once upon a time ....

I got an opportunity to see how easily we, or rather, I, slip into stories we make up.
The lease on my apartment is up at the end of January. I didn't want to have to do all the work it usually takes to find a new one, so I prayed and declared I was in my new home, easily and effortlessly. A week later, while out with a girlfriend, we saw a 'for rent' sign and followed it. Within days I was inside a wonderful townhome and knew I was going to live there. As we walked out, the landlady said she wanted to rent to me. I arranged to mail the deposit check. It happened so easily, with all the details working out perfectly.

Last Monday, I went online to check my bank account and saw that my deposit check had not been cashed. It had been a few weeks since I had mailed it. I immediately began to panic. "What if it got lost in the mail? What if she rented the townhome to someone else because she never received my check!!" I immediately called and left a message -- and went further into panic. "OMG, I'm moving in 4 weeks and now I have to find a place to live. What if I can't find one?"

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about FEAR being Future Emergencies Appearing Real ?? Well, that's where I went -- for about an hour!!

I had to go to the store - and I swear, there is something about being outside in fresh air that clears the mind! I remembered how I'd felt about the place when I saw it. I remembered how easily it had come about. I remembered I had prayed for a new home and having it manifest with ease and grace. I gave my head a shake and reminded myself there was no need to worry.

When I got home, the phone rang, and it was the landlady telling me she hadn't deposited my check yet - and yes, the townhome was mine.

I breathed a sigh of grateful relief and thought about my hour long freakout. How easy it was to spiral down that rabbit hole! It was so intense! Not a place I like being at all.

It would take a different writing to tell why I went down that rabbit hole -- and of course, I had to look at that. I tell you this story because I know I'm not the only one who makes them up.
We are born story tellers. Unfortunately we've gotten used to telling stories of difficulties. The interesting thing about our stories is that they are really creative. Not only creative as in how they're told, but creative in how they manifest in our lives!

What stories are you telling about yourself and your life?

It's time to tell stories of delight and wonder. This holiday season is the perfect time to start!


Spirit as Absolute Cause is the Allness of everything. I have confidence in the All Good. My faith in the Law of Mind is complete. Spirit works through me with ease and grace.

Knowing this I declare that doubt and fear cannot hinder my Good. They have been washed away by my reliance on God.

I declare that as I speak my word for good in my life and in the lives of others, that calm confidence brought on by my consciousness of the Absolute, works wonders. It gives me a sense of Divine Authority. I am happy, whole and complete in my Divine Self.

How grateful I am to be able to move through things quickly and have a deeper understanding of Truth because of the experiences. How grateful I am to know that the Law always works.

I now release these words to the Law of Mind, knowing they are deeply embodied. And so it is.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Wishing and hoping or ....

Sitting in the vet's office today, I found myself once again lusting after someone's iPad. We spoke for a moment about what she used hers for, and I heard myself saying "Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas." We both laughed .. and then they called her name, she and her doggie went in to see the vet, and I wondered about that comment I'd made. Was that my inner child popping out for a visit? Or do I really wish there is a Santa Claus? A magical being that will pop into my life with all sorts of delightful goodies? Or perhaps a fairy godmother who will wave her wand and I will be slim and trim and beautiful. Or a mighty Guru who will touch me on the forehead and all my negative thinking will be evaporated and I will be enlightened.

Many people treat God as if It were Santa or one of the above beings ... asking for this and that .. but not doing what's necessary to get those things. Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote in the Science of Mind that we can manifest anything our heart desires, and the only thing we have to pay is spiritual coin. How many of us are really willing to do the spiritual work necessary to have the consciousness of those desires?

Dr. Holmes also wrote, "But even God cannot give us anything unless we are in a mental condition to receive the gift.  The Law cannot do anything for us unless It can do it through us.  We live in the midst of eternal good, but it can only be to us what we believe it to be.  We stand at the mouth of the river, but we must let down our own bucket if we wish it filled with the pure waters of Reality."

In other words, I gotta let go of wishing and hoping, and know that when I have the consciousness of an iPad, I'll have one. When I have the consciousness of being slim and trim, I will be. When I have the consciousness of being enlightened, I will be.

Let's see, where did I put my coin purse?


I recognize the Spirit of Creative Intelligence everywhere in this Universe. This Spirit is constantly giving of Itself to Its myriad of expressions. It gives to me as I allow It to.

I choose now to consistently do my spiritual practices, keeping myself in the consciousness of recognition. Everything is God. Everything is tailor made for me by right of my consciousness. I now declare that my days of wishing and hoping are over. I do my spiritual work, and declare a thing to be so and it is. I trust the Law to work, and It works well.

How grateful I am to know these Principles and how to use them. How grateful I am to be able to use them for the highest good for all. I release these words, knowing they are already so, and so it is.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Facing Fear

In one of the many wonderful e-newsletters I receive, I read this:

"I learned a fascinating thing about fear: it has its own fear!
If I move toward my fear, not away from it, it will start to lose its nerve."

Unfortunately I didn't write down who wrote it, but I thank them.

Sometimes we humans allow fear to become so real in our lives that it seems like a thick wall in front of us, preventing us from going further along our Path.

Most of the time, this fear is a story we've created through assumptions and built up in our minds. Think about this for a moment. How often does the fear you feel actually belong to a specific experience? Like walking along a forest path, for instance, and meeting a mountain lion face to face. Or having your car spin out of control on a icy road? Present time fears happen rarely. The rest we make up.

I'm sure you've heard the old acronym False Evidence Appearing Real. How about Future Emergencies Appearing Real. We live in the consciousness of "what if....?" We hear talk about the Great Recession and fear losing our jobs. We hear about flu season and fear becoming sick. We fear that which may or may not happen. One thing we ought to remember is that fear is a way of focusing our attention on that which we don't want, and what we focus on, we bring more of into our lives.

Here's one more acronym for you: Forgetting Everything's All Right. Yes. we've forgotten that in Truth, in God, everything is all right. That Love is the only Power and It is infinitely intelligent. When we remember this, we stop running from or resisting fear - we can move toward it, and that thick wall we thought was across our Path, dissipates into thin it. It transforms into nothingness - no thing at all!

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


Today I identify with the One Life, the One Heart of the Divine. It is everywhere I am because It is within me. How grateful I am to remember this.

In the One Heart there is no room for fear. I now let go of my addiction to it and step into my Truth. There is nothing to fear because everything is God. Everything is Good. In every area of my life where I have allowed fear to guide me, I choose again. The Infinitely intelligent Mind of God supports me in all ways.

I celebrate my awareness of this Truth. I am grateful to be reminded of how valuable I am and how powerful I am. I am fear free!

I release these words, knowing they are deeply embodied in my subjective mind. And so it is.

Friday, November 26, 2010


It surprised me yesterday morning to open the blinds and see the parking lot in front of our building almost empty. After all, it's a holiday weekend! Then I remembered, lots of people go home for Thanksgiving. This is the first time I've experienced people being able to go home so easily. On the West Coast of Canada and in Hawai'i - many people's families lived far away. Things are not so far here -- I've heard about people going to West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, just to name a few places.

I thought about all those people sitting down with their families. During the holidays relationships take center stage. Dr. Holmes writes in 365 Science of Mind "We all long for intimate relationships, we wish to feel that we are one with people. This yearning, which every normal person has, emanates from an unconscious, but spiritual, perception that we all are one with Life Itself."

Yet, relationships are complicated -- some are easy and natural while others are complex and difficult. I thought back to when I lived in Los Angeles, California and how I would visit one or the other parent on the various holidays. Sometimes buttons got pushed that I'd forgotten I had. I seemed to regress to a certain age around my parents, no matter how old I was.. For me, it was age 11. Lots of 'stuff' happened when I was 11. Invariably I would drive home telling myself I wouldn't do that again next year!! Yet I always did.

As I immersed myself more in the Science of Mind teaching, I realized that regardless of what happened when, or what buttons get pushed, how I reacted to them was up to me.

If you find yourself getting tangled in the old family stories, take a deep breath and remember to be grateful that you have life. Gratitude is the fastest way to move from where you are to where you want to be. Gratitude shifts our energy and gives us the key to creating the atmosphere we choose.

Today I am grateful for all of my families -- family of birth, adoptive family and family of choice.. Regardless of what has gone before this moment, because of them I am here, doing what I do and loving my life. God in them, as them, served me in some way

"Our inner happiness depends not on what we experience, but on the degree of our gratitude to God, whatever the experience." - Albert Schweitzer


God is the only presence and love is the only power. Good alone is real. This is my Truth and the basis of my being.

Knowing this I now declare I am grateful for my family - whether they be by birth or by choice. Each of them is important to who I am today.

I am willing to totally accept everyone exactly as they are. I let go of all fantasies about how I think things should be or should have been. Everyone is in their right place at the right time, whether I like it or not. No matter what might be happening in any area of my life, I choose Love. Love is the only power. I choose Love by being grateful. Grateful for Life Itself as It shows up in the people around me, and in myself as well.

God is the only presence and love is the only power. Good alone is real. This is my Truth and it is good, very good. I release these words into Spiritual Law, and know they are so.
And so it is.

Friday, November 19, 2010


A FaceBook friend, John Lusk, had this on his status this week:

"I am grateful for noticing my GPS (Gratitude Perception System) was powered off this morning and had the good sense to turn it on and recalibrate it for clearer direction."

I love this -- I've used the GPS device as a metaphor so many times -- and this is the best one!

I love being open to perceiving things to be grateful for! There's a French proverb that says "Gratitude is the heart's memory." I've been writing 5 things I'm grateful for every night since I read Sarah Ban Breathnach's book Simple Abundance in 1995. Some nights, after I've written the things I'm grateful for in that day, I flip the pages and read what I was grateful for on the same date in the years past. What great memories! My intentional focus on gratitude has led to more and more things to be grateful for.

Let's remember our internal GPS as we participate in Thanksgiving dinner this year. We can power it up by taking a deep breath. If things become strained or rushed - that's the time to let the GPS recalibrate!! Thank goodness it does it automatically!!

I am grateful for you, my dear readers. You have kept me on point for 10 years!! Every Friday, no matter what, I get to focus on how I can share Spirit with you. I always feel good when I send it off. I'm grateful for my computer and for the internet, which makes this possible. And I'm grateful for Spirit as It moves through my mind inspiring me, and out my fingers inspiring you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


God is Love - and Love is all there is. I am one with this Infinite Love. It lives and moves and has Its being in me, and I in It. We are One.

I trust Infinite Love to guide me along my Life Path. There is within me a Voice -- I now choose to hear it more clearly. It is constantly recalibrating my way as I walk my Path.
It is my automatic pilot. It is my authentic self. I am so grateful to know It.
As I stand in an attitude of gratitude, I set up a wave of Infinite Love that moves throughout the Universe, nurturing, blessing, healing, and guiding whether we are aware of It or not. I now choose to know that as the wave I set up moves outward, It does so with a quickening of Spirit, and an awakening of hearts and minds. A wave of gratitude comes back to me and the circle of Life eternally continues.

I am grateful for this teaching, for the people in my life and for these words - and I release them into the Law of Mind knowing they are done. And so It is.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Great Fullness

A few weeks ago, as part of our Season of Gratitude, Rev. Deb Teramani did the Sunday message and gave us a gift of a purple bracelet with the words "Great Fullness" on it. I have been wearing that bracelet every day, and love the reminder to acknowledge the great fullness of my life.

Because of my focus on how full my life is, wonderful things have come into my experience. Not only material things, but a realization that as I focus on the Great Fullness - the whole Universe supports me in every way possible. Here is a rather dramatic example:

I stopped by Staples for some printer ink. Having made my purchase, I got in my car, started the engine, and tried to move the gearshift from park to reverse. It wouldn't move. Because today's cars are computer based, I turned off the car and started it again, and still the shifter wouldn't move. I sat there for a moment and tried again. Still no movement.

I started to get angry at myself. After all, I had just received an invitation from Triple A to join -- why didn't I pay attention! I wondered who I would call, or what I would do.

At that moment, I glanced in my rear view mirror and noticed a man doing something. He bent over and when he stood up I saw he had a little boy in his arms! A rush of electricity went through me. If the car had worked, I might have run over a child! All I could think was "Thank God! Thank God."

I watched the father strap his child into its seat and drive away. I knew that I could now leave and turned the key. The gearshift moved into place with ease and hasn't given me any trouble since.

William James wrote "Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your beliefs will help create the fact."

I re-write that with 'life' as 'Life.' As I've been focusing on the Great Fullness, I truly believe Life is worth living. It's a Good Life, and It has proved Itself over and over again!


There is only One Life. That Life is God's Life. That Life is perfect and that Life is my life now. This is my constant awareness. This is the Truth.
As I continue to expand my understanding of this Truth, I am guided, guarded and loved beyond measure. I am Spirit's exquisite expression of Itself as me. I am precious and valuable.

As I know these things, they reflect in my outer world. I am provided with all that is necessary for the expression of this One Life. I choose now to stop being afraid of living and move into my heartspace - reveling in the Great Fullness of Life.

God is good, and all is well in my world. Gratefully I release these words, knowing they are so, and so It is.

Friday, November 05, 2010


Lots of things we read nowadays say that in order to keep our minds fresh and young, we must constantly learn new things. Do things we haven't done before. Something that stretches us. During the evenings this month I'm participating in National Novel Writers Month -- 1700 words a day! Yipes. I feel like I write all the time, yet it's about spirituality, and I'm writing a romance. 1700 words is A LOT. It's giving my imagination a real workout.

What a delightful tool the imagination is. I can create a whole universe, peopled with interesting characters, and do anything I want with those characters. Maybe this is why John Lennon's song "Imagine" is so popular. Yes, the song is about living in a world of peace -- yet it's also about using our imaginations to create that world. We all did it as children. There is something deep inside us that remembers and knows it's possible.

Ernest Holmes, in the glossary of the Science of Mind, writes "We did not make Life and we cannot change it, but we can use It, and the use of Life is through the imagination; because this faculty has, at its roots, the very well-spring of life and action. Imagination carries with it feeling and conviction, which means life and action. It awakens within us all the inner forces of nature and stirs into action latent powers which otherwise would never come to the surface."

What is it that you've been praying for? Have you activated your imagination? If you're praying for a new job, have you "seen" yourself working? Have you "seen" yourself with your new mate? Have you "seen" your body strong and healthy? Have you "seen" yourself walking into the bank and making a big deposit?

At one of Jean Houston's seminars, she recommended getting your whole body into the visualization. She had us imagine what we wanted to be doing, and then told us to act as if we were doing it. I wanted to be a published author - so I sat with my hands up at an imaginary desk, moving my fingers like I was typing on the computer. Then I imagined myself sitting in a bookstore greeting people and signing books and put the action into that.

For a moment - allow yourself to do this. Think about what you want, and then put some action into the visualization.

This is what we did as children. Remember being a princess or a nurse or a warrior? Remember how we used to act out the parts? Let's get back to the place where using our imagination is fun, and awaken that latent power within us!!


I recognize the awesome Power of the Universe. It is infinitely intelligent. It is the All There Is. The Source of all and the substance of all.

This Power is within me. I know that one of my key tools in my spiritual tool box is my imagination. I now use this Power to speak Law with all the feeling and belief I can, and declare "I have my heart's desire right now - I can see it!"

In my mind's eye, I see myself doing what I want to do. It is easy to let go of the doubts and fears. I see myself enjoying my life. I see myself filled with a deep sense of purpose and peace. I see myself interacting with people in delightful ways. I see my choices serving not only me but others as well.

As I imagine these things, I know the Universe moves easily to make this my reality. Nothing is impossible for God. I now declare that things move quickly and easily, and with grace and it is good, very good.

Gratefully I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing the Law always works!! And so it is.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Recently I had an experience that seemed impossible. I sat and watched it happen, and was amazed and pleased, yet I have had a hard time letting go of the "how did that happen?"

My reasoning mind wants things to be logical. I found myself thinking about the experience trying to discount it because it didn't make sense. I want to know how and why. I know I'm not the only one who does this.

I started thinking about our teaching, and the fact that we can do a Spiritual Mind Treatment, and all of a sudden (or so it seems), the wheels of the Universe have moved in a way that makes everything possible, where it didn't seem possible before. Things manifest in wonderful, almost magical ways.

Maybe our desire to have everything be logical and make sense is what slows down demonstration time!

In the mind of a child, magic is real. They haven't been told yet that it doesn't work. They don't even have to pretend. I've noticed that the beginning students of Science of Mind make demonstrations more quickly than those who've been in it for awhile. Maybe beginners mind is more like a child's mind. There's an excitement about this new thing to play with. Somewhere along the line, something happens to our excitement and things don't manifest as quickly. Perhaps we need to develop a willingness to let go of skepticism or reasoning, and just allow things to manifest.

What is helping me to do this, is knowing this Truth: With God all things are possible!
And it's all God.


We live in an elegant universe. It is filled with all possibilities, with the potential of all we can imagine. It works with Love through Law, in and as us.

I choose to start believing in the Power within me. I am using at all times whether I believe in It or not - always has and always will. This Power is unlimited. It knows nothing of recession, illness, lack, or feeling separate. It only knows It IS and It works wonderfully and immediately.

Therefore I know the Truth about myself and all beings. We are wonderfully made. We are healthy and loving. We are wealthy beyond measure. We are the Infinite in earth suits - a mingling of dust and divinity, breathed into Life.

I release all skepticism, doubt and fear. I am so grateful to know the Universe serves Itself in, through and as us. How easy it is to manifest our hearts desires.

As these words are written, so they are. And so it is.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I was cleaning up some papers this past week and found an old fortune cookie slip. It read:

"God can heal a broken heart, but you have to give him all the pieces."

I don't know when I got this fortune or why I saved it at the time, but it showed up again at the perfect time. With the inner work I've been doing with my "What am I Really Hungry For" group (using the book Women, Food and God), this fortune really hit home.

Last week I gave an assignment of going into the silence with the intention of healing, and then writing down 11 things we forgive ourselves for 7 days. As I have been doing the process, I've found emotional ties to things I thought I had already released. What I really did was think I had released them, but the feelings were still there.

For instance, I was abused as a child - the woman who adopted me at 2 1/2 was the abuser. She died years ago, and I have done many forgiveness processes, yet sometimes I find myself angry or hurt because I didn't experience love as a child - or even have a childhood. When it comes up, I think "Darn, I've done the forgiveness work on this, why is it back?" -- and now I know -- I've never given up all the pieces.

Ernest Holmes tells us it takes thoughts and feelings to create the consciousness of a demonstration. It makes sense then, that one has to release both thoughts and feelings with unwanted demonstrations as well.

How about you? If you're working on revealing the Truth about a situation, ask yourself if there are pieces you haven't given up - and then take a deep breath and let go. The infinitely intelligent, unconditionally loving Presence knows exactly what to do with all the pieces!


God is Love and Love is the greatest healing/revealing agent in the universe. I celebrate my awareness of unconditional Love and the power It has as I acknowledge It and let It flow through me.

I choose to let this Love fill me up and wash away all vestiges of pain in my emotional body and all thoughts of bondage or limitation from my mental body. As I do this I feel a sense of release in my physical body. I feel a lightness of Being. I have given all the pieces to God and my heart is healed.

Gratefully I embody these words as my Truth, surrendering them to the Law of Mind. The Law works, and works very well. I let go and let God do Its perfect work, in, through and as me, now and forevermore. And so it is.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Don't Doubt

One night I was channel surfing and came upon a program that was explaining some Sekh teachings. One of the comments that caught my attention was:
The first Law of Prosperity is “Don’t Doubt.”

That is not only the first law of prosperity but of practicing our spirituality as well!! Don’t doubt! Pray and don’t doubt the effectiveness of your prayers. Speak your word for health, and don’t doubt. For your new job, and don’t doubt. For love and don’t doubt!

Doubt is uncertainty in the context of trust. It implies challenging some notion of truth, or hesitating to take action due to concern that one might be mistaken. It is to hesitate in accepting something as truth.

Dr. Holmes writes in 365 Science of Mind:
“When the intellect is no longer contradicted by our emotional reactions, by unconscious doubts and fears, then the word of our mouth will immediately bear fruit.”

To me, the opposite of doubt is trust and expectancy. If we are going to let go of doubt, what do we trust? That Powerful Presence that is absolutely everywhere in the universe, that honors our deepest beliefs and feelings through Its aspect called Law. Dr. Holmes writes that “Learning to trust will make us happy.”

How do we trust? In this world of mixed messages, it’s easy to slide into doubt. I believe we have to consciously set an intention to trust, and every time we find ourselves doubting, consciously realign ourselves with Truth. The more we do it, the more we re-pattern ourselves, and trusting becomes natural.

One of the ways we can re-pattern ourselves is working with the Law in eager expectancy. (Doubt is expecting our Treatments will not work.) I love this writing by Dr. Holmes:
“What great joy should accompany everything that we do -- an expectancy, love. Love everything, praise everything, recognize all things, believe all things, accept all things. There is a laughter of God -- let's laugh it. There is a song of the Universe -- let's sing it. There is a hymn of praise -- let's praise it. There is a joy, a beauty; there is a deep abiding peace; let's experience it."

Now this is happiness.


There is One Perfect Power in the universe. It is infinitely intelligent and unconditionally loving. It surrounds and encompasses me. It is everywhere. It is my life. I trust that in every moment, the Power for Good is working in and through me.

I now choose to let go of all my self-imposed doubts and fears. I allow myself to fully benefit from this Power for Good. As I speak my word for my life, knowing that I am now healthy, wealthy, creative, loving and wise, I know these words are being immediately acted upon. I step up in eager expectancy, delighting in all I attract with my clear mind and pure heart.

I laugh and sing my praises for this wonderful Law that is always at work for me, through me. My life is joy filled. I am happy because I trust!

Gratefully I release these words to the Creative Process and allow each moment to unfold in grace and joy. And so It is.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Game of Life

I saw a cartoon the other day -- two people were watching television, and from the TV came the announcers voice saying: "Next - on The Amazing Race to Enlightenment - can Jim & Suzy achieve Right Mindfulness? ...and will Barb and Candy be eliminated for relentless clinging to the self?"

I laughed, and then I thought OMG, we do this don't we? We're acting like we're living in a reality show! We're constantly comparing ourselves to others, hoping we'll make it, wondering if someone is going to mess up before they make it (and sometimes secretly hoping they will), doing everything we can to prove we're more conscious than the average soul.

There seems to be two parts to this show -- sometimes we're playing Spiritual One-up-man-ship, and sometimes we're playing "I'm Not Worthy."

The Truth is, we're all as enlightened as we could ever hope to be right now. We just don't believe it. We don't believe it about ourselves, nor do we believe it about others.

What would happen if we started acting as if? What if we started acting from a place of enlightenment instead of working towards it?

Good question. Another is "What does enlightenment look like?" I think it looks like life just as it is - only without fear.

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


There is only one Life, that Life is God's Life, that Life is perfect, that Life is my life now. This is the Truth. All there is is God, and that includes me.

How grateful I am to be reminded of this Truth. I now realize there is nothing to be healed, there is only Truth to be revealed - in myself, in other people and in my world.

I chose right now to be a conscious revealer of Truth. This means I now drop complaining, whining, self-pity and feelings of not being enough. I am more than enough - I am Spirit in form.

I am already a winner in the game of Life, and so is everyone else. We are here, alive, awake and aware. This is easy to declare as our Truth, because it is already so.

Gratefully I release these words, knowing they have sunk deep into my subjective mind. I am proud to be alive. And so it is.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Have you ever had an epiphany? Most of us have. We think they are sudden events .. in fact the 3rd definition on is: a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

However, epiphanies are sort of like the Hollywood myth of being "discovered overnight." A lot of work goes before the discovery.

I see epiphanies having 4 parts: 1st - there's some sort of set-up that prepares us to receive it. 2nd - there is an external trigger. 3rd - there is the actual realization and 4th - there is proof that the epiphany has changed us.

Here's an example: Years ago, I had been working at a job I liked, but knew it wasn't my 'purpose.' I took classes and did lots of inner work, tried lots of different things, but never felt I had found that thing that was mine to do. All my classes taught me to do what I loved to do. My problem was that I loved doing lots of things.

(1 - the set-up) At one point I decided to become an herb farmer -- The medicinal and cooking uses of herbs fascinated me. I already had lots of herbs growing in my garden and had even designed my packaging.

(2 - the trigger) I got some books from the library to further educate myself and one day while looking through these books, I found a list of herb farms. There were so MANY in Southern California, which was where I was living. I remember a feeling of disappointment. My herb farm dream fizzled. I had to ask myself -- Why? Why did I want to grow herbs? The main reason was for the healing properties. As I contemplated this, I remembered all the classes I had taken in hands on healing, etc. Over the years as I had pursued my metaphysical leanings, someone had always talked me out of them. (Usually a boyfriend, telling me people would think I was strange).

(3- the realization) Suddenly I KNEW I could choose anything I wanted -- I wasn't with anyone, and I didn't have to allow anyone to stop me again! My life was my choice!

The time that elapsed from seeing the lists to having the realization of being at choice was about 10 minutes - an epiphany - or a revelation. I ended up dancing around my bathroom (isn't that where so many good ideas come to us) and feeling such a sense of joy.

(4- the proof of change) A few weeks later my cleaning lady told me about Rev. Terry Cole-Whittaker who had a TV show at the time. When she told me about Terry, I laughed to myself -- I'd tried religion and that wasn't for me. The next Sunday morning, I made my coffee and pushed the button on the TV, intending to watch a movie - and there was Rev. Terry, a beautiful little blond woman in a white suit. I don't remember what she was talking about, I just remember that I didn't even make it to my chair, I sat on the floor and listened. Everything resonated in my body and a voice very clearly said "You can do this."

Here I am 29 years later, doing what Terry Cole- Whittaker was doing (minus the TV show).

Epiphanies touch every area of our lives, not just one. My epiphany was that my life was always MY choice, and that realization has never left me.

Many people are frustrated with their lives at the moment. If you are, perhaps this is the set-up period to a epiphany of your own. With the way things are in our world, perhaps we're on the verge of a global epiphany. I think we're ready!

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


Taking a breath and turning inward, I acknowledge the Presence of The Divine. It is the LifeForce within me that is guiding me along my True Path. I celebrate my conscious awareness of this Presence, declaring It works through me ease and grace.

I now declare I am ready for my personal epiphany. I am ready to do the work necessary to discover that which is mine to do. I release any fears or doubts surrounding this, and realize I have always been working towards the Truth of my being. I release any frustrations about time or circumstances. Divine Mind, the Source of all, knows exactly what I need.

As I accept this Truth for myself, all the power of the universe rushes in to fulfill my heart's desires. I know this for everyone else as well.

I release these words into the Universal Heart knowing they are done, and so it is.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I was talking with a friend yesterday and asked "What would you like to read about in my Friday Message?" She said "Why do I continue to do what I shouldn't, and why don't I do what I should?"

Yipes! I was hoping for something easy!! Let me say right off that I don't like the "should" word, yet oh my - how I relate!! So let's look at these two questions:

1. "Why do I continue to do what I shouldn't?" ... I'd like to be flippant and say "Because we can" ... However, that doesn't really answer the question. There is a group of us who are working our way through the "Women, Food and God" book. It has opened my eyes to a few things. I love tortilla chips ... and I swear the shopping cart has a mind of it's own when it passes that aisle. I know I shouldn't buy them because I will eat them when I'm not physically hungry - and not just a handful either! I've observed an argument going on in my head as I move past that aisle - "Oh, you could get a small bag." "There are no small bags." "You don't have to eat them all in one sitting." "I don't want to even tempt myself." "A few chips won't hurt you." "No, I don't want to be tempted." "Who made the rule that you can't have chips?" "Well...I did... so maybe I could just eat a few at a time..."

Most of the time, I end the argument by forcing the cart past the aisle, even though the chips call to me all through the rest of my shopping experience.
But when I don't avoid the aisle, why do I continue to do what I shouldn't?
As I've learned in the Women, Food and God book, there's something else going on - something deeper. I realized I have to stop and sit with the situation. What am I really hungry for? What does my Spirit want in this situation?

2. "Why don't I do what I should?"
Many people I know are self-employed, and find themselves playing on the computer, reading novels, doing house or yard work or laundry, instead of working. Maybe it's phone calls that need to made, bookkeeping that needs to be done, or going out to contact clients. We find all sorts of ways to avoid what we think we should be doing. This answer is simple -- we're afraid to put ourselves out there -- afraid of rejection or doing it wrong, and we're avoiding feeling that fear.

Again we have to stop and sit with the situation. What does our Spirit want in this situation? Then feel the fear, and do it anyway!

One thing I know for sure -- if we have a clear Vision of what we want - whether it be a healthy, trim body, or a successful business -- and we are committed to that Vision -- the tyranny of the shoulds is not so frequent. So perhaps the real questions is: What does Spirit want to do through me? By the way, the word "commit" comes from the Old Latin and means to "join together." You are not in your Vision alone! God and you are doing it together!!


We live in an infinite field of creative potentiality. Using the Divine Aspects of Love and Law, we can be anything we want to be, and do anything we want to do. All this is possible because this Field is Divine Energy and this is what we're made of.

I now declare I am finished with the tyranny of the shoulds. I pay attention to the Divine Vision that wants to express as me. I allow myself to get enthused with it, creating in me a willingness to do what it necessary for the fulfillment of this Vision.

I remember I am not alone. There is That Within Me that is serving me well, and has only the highest good for all concerned in Mind. I trust this Presence, knowing that it is infinitely intelligent, and that all the answers are within me.

I step up to my Vision, I re-commit myself to it, and I move forward gratefully, acknowledging my Source. I breathe deeply and say YES!

I release these words into the Law of Mind knowing they are done, and so it is.

Friday, September 10, 2010

One Person

September 10, 2010

The news has been painful lately. I quit watching it on TV years ago as it was too depressing, but now I find myself drawn into reading things online.

Our President can't do anything without someone finding something wrong with it, Mother Earth seems to be really acting up, a preacher wants to do something which could have larger consequences, miners are stuck underground possibly for months, fires burn ferociously, disasters abound, just to mention a few things.

Part of me is saying "What ???" Part of me wants to grab peoples shoulders, give them a good shake, yelling at them "What are you thinking??"

Then the metaphysical part of me kicks in and says "Everything is just as it should be," and I take a deep breath and decide I will give them safe passage through my mind.

My buying into these stories doesn't help solve them. My wanting to yell and shake people only adds to the chaos. I can't solve a problem with the same consciousness that created them.

Ernest Holmes wrote in his famous "Sermon by the Sea" ...

"Find me one person who is for something and against nothing, who is redeemed enough not to condemn others out of the burden of his soul, and I will find another savior, another Jesus, and an exalted human being."

I want to be that person who is for something and against nothing. To do this, I have to give myself a shake, ask myself what I'm thinking, and detach from the mesmerization of the media, constantly reminding myself it's all good - it's all God.

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


Regardless of appearances, I KNOW the Truth. All there is, is God. God is the Source of all things, the essence of all things. It is not a person, but a Divine Energy that fills the universe and so much more. This Energy is within us, working through us by means of Love and Law.

Knowing this I now declare that all whom I come in contact with, either personally, via the media, or any other way, have safe passage through my mind. I allow myself to consider them with a clear mind and a compassionate heart.

I know and claim there is a Higher Intelligence working through all, for the highest good of all. I call forth that Intelligence within me, so I don't get mesmerized with sensational details. I allow myself to be part of the solution by declaring the Truth and knowing the Truth sets us all free.

Gratefully I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are done.

And so it is.

Friday, September 03, 2010


I moved into my apartment last February, painted it the colors I love, attracted all kinds of wonderful furniture and started to settle into my new home.

Two months later, 4 adults and 2 children moved in upstairs. My wonderfully peaceful home became full of noise - footsteps, TV, kids playing, people talking, doors slamming, telephones ringing. One night I woke up in a fright as I could hear someone in my closet! After turning on the lights, I realized the noise was from someone hanging up their clothes in the apartment upstairs!

I haven't lived in an apartment for years, and when I rented the one I did, upstairs noise wasn't even in my consciousness. It certainly is now!

I decided to start looking for a townhome to rent. I found one that was fantastic, good area, wonderful view, lots of space, etc. I went to the management office of the complex I live in to see how to break my lease so I could move. Whoa - lots of paperwork and a huge "breaking the lease fee" as well as being responsible for the rent until this apartment is rented again.

They offered me the opportunity to move to another unit on one of the top floors - yet even that was another pile of paperwork, a large "transferring" fee, and having to sign another year's lease.

As I walked back from the management office, I realized two things - one, I will never rent from a corporation again, and two - I've got to love what I have, and quit bemoaning what I don't have! My lease is up in 5 months - those months will fly by, and the most perfect townhome will be ready for me.

That afternoon, I read Marci Shimoff's recent e-newsletter, which was all about this same thing!! She started with a statement by American Zen teacher Adyashanti:

"The key to happiness is wanting what you have
and not wanting what you don't have."

I just love it when the Universe affirms an ah-ha I've had!!

I realized my being obsessed with the noise upstairs obliterated my happiness with my apartment. Everything became centered on "when I find my new home." I'd even become envious of others people's homes.

I am going to want what I have. This doesn't mean that I don't want to better my circumstances. I will when the time is right. Right now I accept what is and I am going to focus on what I like about my apartment. I'm reclaiming my happiness. Will that stop the noise from upstairs - probably not, yet I will be so busy appreciating what I have in this moment, I won't be fixated on it. And that brings back my peace.

What are you wanting that you don't have? Have you become obsessed with it like I did? Are you missing the good that is right at hand now?? Let's all take a deep breath and want what we have.


In my conscious recognition of the unity of all things, I remember who I am. Spirit in form. I remember that Spirit is absolutely everywhere and in everything.

I am so grateful for Infinite Intelligence within me, that constantly brings me back to Center. I choose now to pay more attention to It, instead of being distracted by the things of the world. I know now, that nothing can shake me off Center -- I can think I am out of balance, and it will show up in my life, yet within me, there is always that Powerful Presence that is perfectly aligned with everything that I am, and everything It is.

I choose now to love what I have. I choose to be at peace with my world just the way it is. I do not need to judge anything. I do not need to change anything. I can if I want, but I am no longer run by need. I am run by Love, in Love, with Love.

I am so grateful to know these Principles and use them. I am so grateful to be able to speak my word into the Law knowing the Law works. I celebrate loving what I have.

And so it is.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Awe and Wonder

21 years ago yesterday, I was standing in the Prince Kuhio Mall, on the Big Island of Hawai'i, with the Friends of the Paneawa Zoo. I had charge of an I'o, an Hawaiian hawk, was sharing stories with the shoppers about raptor birds.

In the middle of my spiel, I saw my best friend and her husband walking towards us. Kalyan was pregnant - very pregnant. I asked her how she was feeling and she said she was in labor! They were heading home. I promised to get there as quickly as I could, and I did. I got there in time to see my goddaughter born.

Not having any children of my own, this was an amazing experience. I was in awe of the female human body and the things it is created to do. The knowledge and nurturing of the midwives was incredible. I felt such as rush of joy as I looked at the tiny little being that was born.

I remembered thinking that here was a new soul coming into our world, and into our lives. And that we were so blessed to be able to take care of this new soul.

Now Esther is officially an adult. I am still in awe of this young woman, and her Mother, who's done a great job.

Though I haven't birthed babies, I've birthed lots of ideas - and so have you. Have we looked at those ideas and their manifestation with awe? Have we been amazed at the wonder working power of Divine Law? Have we felt grateful for the blessings we've brought into our lives?

I hope your answer from now on is YES! Mine is.


Divine Life - that perfection of Love and Law - is moving through us, as us, at all times. It is the Source of all that is and is eternally creating.

How grateful I am to be consciously aware of my part in the process. How grateful I am to know the process is continually going on.

I choose to make good choices, tapping into Divine Wisdom with my meditation and prayers. I choose to be a good caretaker of all I have brought forth, even if that means letting go. I choose to acknowledge myself and all the work I have done. I remember there is only one Life, that Life is God's, and that Life is the Life we are living now.

Each person, including myself, is God in form, a blessing to the world. This is good, very good. I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are the Truth. And so it is.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Ooooooo ... it's Friday the 13th!! It's only 8:52 AM and already I've heard 3 references to Friday the 13th being bad luck...

Logically, why should a number, attached to a particular day, be 'bad luck'? It doesn't make sense, According to Wikipedia, the legends of Friday the 13 are numerous - maybe starting in the 1100's, but the real fascination with this date came about in the early 20th century. We've got centuries of collective consciousness to deal with. I also read that it used to be a good luck day, but the Catholic church, trying to get rid of all things pagan, promoted it as bad luck.

We know it's done unto us as we believe ... here's an interesting point ...Wikipedia also referenced an insurance company that states that fewer accidents happen on this date because people are being more careful!

It makes me wonder - what other superstitions have I bought into that are imbedded in the collective consciousness?

The Buddha said "The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly."

Not to anticipate troubles!! We do that all the time. It's called worry. Dr. Holmes called worry "negative prayer" ... and that's what believing in superstitions is as well. Allow yourself time this week to investigate what superstitions you've bought into and intentionally release them.

Today is a good day - It's God's day!! Live the present moment wisely and earnestly.


There is only one Life - that Life is God's. This is the life we are living right now.

Knowing this, I now declare nothing outside me can harm me in any way. Nothing inside me can harm me either. I have now released the bonds of the collective consciousness around superstitions and know the Truth. The bottom line is "It is done unto me as I believe." I now choose to believe in a blessed life, a life filled with all my heart desires. I believe in Good everywhere, and I know this is so because all there is - is God.

With a grateful heart I release these words, celebrating my freedom from superstition. I live, move and have my being in Higher Ground. This is good, this is God.

And so it is.

Friday, August 06, 2010


I spent the a week in Chicago at the International Centers for Spiritual Living Summer Conference. It was fantastic! For me the theme was emergent evolution -- humanity emerging as the authentic loving Self -- a conscious awareness of being Spirit.

At the final talk, I was reminded that this was the last summer conference the International Centers for Spiritual Living will have. Next year, it will no longer be International and United - it will be one organization - Centers for Spiritual Living.

I felt myself going through a period of sadness. I thought about the Past Presidents Panel that was held earlier in the week, and how I remember so much of what was talked about. I've been in this organization for 30 years, 24 of them as a minister. The sadness was for what was ending, not for what is to be. Even though there is a tremendous amount of planning, no one really knows what the new organization will be like. As I thought of that, I got excited.

There is a lot of change going on in the world right now - a lot going on in our own lives. We must allow ourselves the luxury of grieving what was, without getting stuck there. As we move through our grief, we find a whole new world - one that we have no idea how it will turn out, but we know will be greater and more expansive than the one we just left.

It must be - that is the way the Universe works. It's always making something better than what It was before.


We are living in an infinite field of creative potentiality. The Original Essence of this field never changes. It is Love and Law. Love points the way, and Law makes the way possible. We are not only living in it, we are It. We are the expressed consciousness of this Field.

Knowing this, I now declare I am ready and willing to be a vital part of the expansion of humanity into its authentic self. I am willing to move along my personal path with a sense of awe and excitement as to what will be, using my mind to create in me a clean heart and a consciousness of Love.

I see the desires of our hearts made manifest and I celebrate our oneness. Because of our Oneness, I know that what I think, do and feel has an effect on the whole.With Love, I gratefully see my world and my life emerging into divine balance. This is good, this is God.

And so it is.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pray for Change

My neck and back had been hurting lately, and I visited my chiropractor. He suggested that since I use a laptop, the screen is in the wrong position. He advised me to put the computer up on phone books, and get a new keyboard.

(Did you know that the proper height for your computer screen is for the top of the screen to be at eye level?)

So off I went to Staples and came home with a bells and whistles ergonomic keyboard. Now I've been typing for over 45 years (OMG! How can that be!) and I am quite fast. This new keyboard, however, is quite a learning curve. OpenOffice Writer puts a squiggly red line underneath the misspelled words, and sometimes my documents look like a sea of red!! Thank goodness it does so I can correct things before sending them out.

Then I started thinking -- what if we had a program where our negative words showed up in red before they got out our mouths? It could be a movable program. First it would work in the middle of the path from our brains to our mouths, and then when we were used to it, it would move into the space before the thoughts that become words. Soon we wouldn't have any negative thoughts at all!!

Oh wait - we do have a "program" like that! It's called Spiritual Mind Treatment or Affirmative Prayer! All we have to do is set it in motion and let it do its work! Of course, even SMT has a learning curve -- and the only way to learn is to DO IT.

And just like my new keyboard, the more I use it, the more familiar I become with it, and the easier it is to use.


There is only one Power - one Presence - One Life. A Divine Energy that is the Source and substance of all things. It is within me, and is activated by my thoughts and feelings.

I now declare with Love: I am ready and willing to release any thoughts and feelings that created behaviors that no longer serve me. From this moment on, I expand my consciousness to a new idea of who I am - Spirit in form. I am a divine expression of love, health, wealth and creativity made manifest. All the "programs" within me are facilitating a higher good.

I am grateful to be able to choose this. I am grateful for these teachings. I celebrate Life!!

I release these word into the Law of Mind, knowing they are so now. And so it is.

Friday, June 25, 2010


It's Summer! All sorts of images arise - memories of beach adventures, back yard parties, camping, fireworks, vacations. Enjoying nature in all her glorious beauty.

Have you ever lain on a blanket and just stared at the night sky? The stars are so beautiful. You begin to notice the constellations, the milky way, maybe even a shooting star or two. And the more you look, the more you see. Soon the black sky with a few brilliant jewels becomes layers upon layers of lights, twinkling in the atmosphere.

This is how meditation works in our lives. When we first begin our practice, we see the obvious things around us, yet as time goes by and our practice deepens, we begin to see so much more - more beauty, more love, more Light.

It was always there - It will always be there -- as we become still and mindful, we open to the beauty of Life as It reveals Itself.


God - the manifest and unmanifest beauty of Life - is present absolutely everywhere. God is the source and substance of everything I experience with my senses and more. It is all that there is.

I now relax into the season of summer and all that means to me. I choose to slow down and experience Life in new ways. I am opening up in deep surrender to the wonders of Life. I see more with God's eyes, hear more with God's ears, taste more with Gods tongue, touch more with Gods hands. Because I am willing to be mindful in every moment, more of Life is revealed to me.

How grateful I am to be alive! How delightful is the world I have chosen to live in! How glorious are the new things I am discovering! How magnificent God is!

I release these words to the Law of Mind, knowing the Law works. I celebrate all of Life right here, right now! And so it is.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Path

Next week Friday I will be "officially" installed as the Pastor of the Center for Spiritual Living Baltimore.

I stated thinking about how I got here. In the past, I've always thought about this Path starting when I was a young adult ... however, this evening driving home, I
remembered being in 4th grade in Ramona Convent Catholic Girls School, running out of the classroom crying. I had just stood up proudly in class and announced I was going to be a priest. Sister irritatedly told me: "Don't be silly - girls can't be priests." and my classmates laughed at me. I got teased about it for months - and because of that - I told them I didn't care what the "rules" were -- I was still going to be one!

That declaration has taken me on an amazing adventure! I played in the Disneyland of metaphysics with great success. I joined various different faith paths and read lots of spiritual books and had fun. In 1979, I had an indescribable Revelation, and just a few weeks later, I discovered Religious Science and knew I'd found Home and my vocation.. The adventures continued. I found myself in Honolulu, Hawai'i, and then started a church on the Big Island. I traveled to awesome power spots around the world. I lived in a different county and I started another church. Now I'm here.

Most of the things I have done were because of an Inner Urging that kept at me until I said Yes. Sometimes I felt I had no choice - yet my choice has always been to be of service to humanity. And in return I have been served well.

I wonder what adventures are ahead -- what ever they are, I know Spirit will guide me well, and I will do my Work to the best of my ability.

And it will be good, very good.


How grateful I am for this thing called Life. I know there is only One Life, that Life is God's Life, and that Life is the life I am living.

I choose to continue to life this Life to the best of my ability, enjoying every moment. I choose to have my expression of this One Life be for the highest good. I choose to continue to be a vehicle for awakening humanity to its spiritual magnificence.

As I do this, the Power of the Universe supports me, the Love of the Universe nurtures me, and Mind of the Universe empowers me.

I am so grateful for all that I am, and all that I will be. I am so grateful I have heard the Inner Voice and honored It and will continue to do so.

My God is so good to me. Gratefully I release these words to the Law of Mind, and so It is.

Friday, June 04, 2010


All of us have been effected by the oil spill in the Gulf Coast. People are sad and people are angry. There's a lot of conversation going on with a lot of emotion.

As a global New Thought community, we have to feel our feelings and then get to work. We know that changing our consciousness can change absolutely anything!

There have been so many wonderful meditations, prayers and processes posted on the internet. I put some together to work with and I invite you to join me or create your own and use it this every day this week:

1. Find some ocean water if possible, and if not, use a bowl of water as a surrogate, and declare your intention:

'My intention is for the Deepwater Horizon's oil leak to be immediately and successfully contained, and full eco-balance restored to the surrounding sea and marine life.' 

2. Do a little ho'oponopono:

To whales, dolphins, manatees, pelicans, seagulls and all aquatic bird species, fishes, shellfish, planktons, corals, algae and all ion creatures in the Gulf of Mexico,
I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

3. Visualize the waters clean, and clear, and the plant and animal life healthy.

4. Say a prayer of gratitude for being able to do this work.

(1. Lynne McTaggart, author of The Intention Experiment, 2. Dr. Masaru Emoto)


We live in an Infinite Field of Creative Potential. This Field is acted upon by our thoughts and feelings and sets the Law of Attraction in action. I let myself embody this sacred Truth as I move into the center of my being, centering myself in peace, ready to make my declarations into the Law.

I am one with the ocean, the sea life and the oil. I choose to take my energy off the challenges. I step forward as One who will make a difference by knowing a greater Truth. I see the oceans healthy and clear. I see the sealife healthy and growing well. I see everything back to its natural patterns.

Gratefully I release all attachments to the how. I know the Law works. The Truth is revealed as easy and effortless solutions. I keep my mind and heart on the end results. I celebrate God's Life in all that there is. And so it is.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Cleaning House

Have you seen the commercial on TV for a paint that masks household odors?
If not, you can see it here:

When I first saw it, I shook my head and said "What??? How about cleaning the house!"

Then I suddenly realized, this is an outward manifestation of something much bigger. Just think about the work of Debbie Ford, Byron Katie, Deepak Chopra, and many other spiritual teachers today. They are talking about Shadow Work. The work many of us would rather cover up than tackle!!

I've done it - haven't you? In fact, we as a race have swept so much under the collective carpet, it's exploding around us!

The whole universe is trying to get our attention -- it's time to clean up our act! In fact, it's time to stop acting, and become Real. It's time to communicate those things we're holding back on. It's time to let go of the feelings of resentment, shame, and blame. It's time to stop denying our problems, trying to run away from them or lying about them.

It's time to become transparent and loving and honest.

In the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes, we are told to turn away from the condition and pray for what we want as if we already have it. However he did not say to deny what is. He said to stop feeding the condition with the attention we give it. In order to turn away from a condition we have to accept what is, and move to what we want. For instance, if I have a broken arm, I accept I have it, and turn my attention away from the story around the break, towards knowing I am healed.

In this very moment, each of us has the potential to be more than we've been up until now. Are you willing to do the work? Let's do it and call it Sacred Work! What we do for ourselves is helping the whole of humanity and the planet herself. One thing I know for sure -- we are not alone in this Work. God's got our back!


There is One Life, that Life is God's Life, and that Life is my life now. I let myself embody this sacred Truth as I move into the center of my being, breathing in the Love that is everywhere.
I am one with my brothers and sisters, and the animals, plants, minerals, water, air, fire and earth. I do not refuse to see what is happening around me, but I do choose to take my energy off it. I step forward as One who will make a difference in this world by dreaming a bigger dream, knowing a greater Truth.

Divine Love moves me to be actively conscious and mindful. I am honored to aware that I am able to participate in Life. I celebrate my willingness to be an empty vessel - allowing myself to be filled with all that is good.

Gratefully I release all sense of separateness, and know the Truth is always revealed. I am lovingly honest and transparent as I let God be magnified though me. And so it is.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


The other night I watched a show on ABC called "What Would You Do?" There were many scenes of people getting harrassed by other people in front of observers.

One was an event in a restaurant, that was staged over and over again by actors during a weekend, where over 100 people witnessed a same sex couple being verbally abused, in front of their children, by a waiter. I was so dismayed to see that most people turned away, trying to pretend the event wasn't happening. Only 7 people stood up for them.

Another incident was a young man with Down's Syndrome, who was sacking people's groceries. Over and over again, people made rude, derogatory remarks knowing full well the young man could hear them. I stood up and cheered when an older black woman stared down two teenagers and told them: "He's someone's beloved child -- aren't you someone's beloved child?" The teens visibly shrunk under her look.

The show was painful to watch. It's hard to believe how cruel we can be. When the host of the show questioned people after each incident, most said "It was none of my business." Why have we become so afraid to get involved? If it was happening TO us, we'd want people to help. What happened to our compassion?

Today I did a christening ceremony in a back yard filled with friends and families. During lunch I watched the children. Each were having experiences of playful wonder and delight. I want them to keep that wonder and delight in life alive. One of these children could be the next president of the United States, a spiritual leader, a teacher, a policeman or ??? It came to me how important it is for us to model compassion to these young ones.

Not just for them, but for our world. We are all one. In the mystical Jewish tradition it is said "Kindness gives to another. Compassion knows no other. "


I recognize the Divine Presence in all. I let myself move into the center of my being, breathing in the Love that is everywhere. I let go of judgment, and open my compassionate heart. This is the heart of God.

I am here for my brothers and sisters. I do not refuse to see what is happening around me, as I know that what is happening to them is happening to me. I let my compassion guide me wisely. Love is the Divine Impulse to be actively conscious and mindful. I know we are here for each other, and I am honored to be able to participate in this life.

Gratefully I release all sense of victimization, and know the Truth is always revealed. I let go and let God be magnificent as each of us. And so it is.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Late last night I was playing with a Facebook app called "Goodreads" and I wanted to share it with one person. Unfortunately I hit the wrong button, and even tho I tried to shut down the app, it sent an invite to everyone on my gmail list -- and I have a lot of contacts!

When I realized what happened, I started to get nervous. All these people were going to see what kinds of books I read. Yes, I read wonderfully enlightening spiritual and self-help books, and many good novels -- but I also like escapist reading -- romance novels. My ex used to tell people I read Truth and trash. (You'd be surprised at how much Truth is in trash novels these days -- but then again, I can find it anywhere.)

This morning as I saw the numbers of people who'd also signed up for the app, I again thought "Oh no ... they're going to know I read romance novels!" Now I'm not sure why romance novels have such a bad rap -- the first one was written in 1740 so they've been around a long time. They make up 55% of the paperback market, yet even Wikipedia agrees that "Despite the popularity and widespread sales of romance novels, the genre has attracted significant derision, skepticism and criticism" and that "...most women are embarrassed to be caught reading one."

Reading this made me groan in embarrassment as I thought of my e-mail fiasco. My secret is out!!

Then a story from Marlo Morgan's book "Mutant Messenger" came to me, in which she writes about being on a walkabout with some aboriginal people in Australia. The walk was mostly in silence, yet when the group stopped to rest or eat, it seemed like the verbal conversations were ones that were continuing a conversation she hadn't heard the beginning of. She asked one of the women about it, and the woman told her that they talked all along the walk -- they talked telepathically. Marlo wondered out loud, "I wonder why I can't do that?" and the woman responded with "You Westerners have too many secrets."

What if we were really transparent people? We are the ones who give value and meaning to the things in our lives. If we were transparent, we wouldn't have secrets. OK - I enjoy romance novels. I'm going to stop being embarrassed about it. Truth is, I like writing them as well, but have always been afraid to submit anything because, after all, I'm a minister - what will people think?

The Science of Mind teaches that what we think is what we're teaching others to think about us. As long as I'm embarrassed about something, or have secrets, I will be afraid to be my Real Self. My fear will very subtly color every conversation and connection.

As we look around us at the global picture, we see lots of "secrets" coming to light. And maybe that's the point. Let's bring our secrets and fears to "Light." In the Light we can release the energy that's been holding the embarrassment in place and be free!!


Divine Life is absolutely everywhere. It is within me and around me. It is me.
Divine Love moves through me in compassionate waves, Divine Mind makes the way clear for a greater understanding of Truth.

The Truth is I have never done anything wrong. I now release my secret embarrassments. I no longer give them any value or meaning. I let them go with a sigh of relief. I am now free. Free to be my Real Self. Spirit in form, expressing uniquely as me.

With a grateful heart I declare my transparency. I am now more open to the indwelling Spirit and this is good, very good. And so it is.

Friday, May 07, 2010


A few people I know are going through what seems like a “dark night of the soul.” I’ve been there. I know how hard it is when it seems like everything in your life is falling apart. When you feel like your prayers don’t seem to be working or you’re not even really sure anymore if this stuff we practice works!

After I had my experience I realized that a dark night of the soul is when things of the world no longer work. This is when the pedal hits the metal - when we really have to “keep the faith.” We have to ask for help and regardless what our life looks like, we have to trust. A way always opens, usually through our hearts.

In hindsight, it’s in trusting, even in the depths of darkness, that we realize that what we believe in – God, Love working through law – is always with us.

Hindsight is great – yet how do we get to that place in the middle of the dark night experience? Breathe and remember this wonderful Unity prayer:

The light of God surrounds me;
The love of God enfolds me;
The power of God protects me;
And the presence of God watches over me.
Wherever I am, God is ...

Breathe and trust.


In this moment, this sacred moment, I breathe deeply and remember:
There is only One. One manifesting as creative power, a loving heart and an infinitely intelligent mind. Since there is only One, It is right where I am – at the core of my being, expressing Itself through me.

Because I know this, I choose to love myself and all concerned through any dark nights. I let go of any judgments and am compassionate and forgiving. I know those times are temporary, and in fact, make me appreciate my life even more when they are over. Instead of being afraid of them or resisting, I now allow myself to be open to the newness that follows in their wake. I am open to a greater idea of who I am, Spirit in form.

I celebrate Life and all the ways It expresses through me. I am so grateful to know that the Light is always where I am, and I open my eyes and see!
And so it is.

Friday, April 30, 2010


"Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it."
~ Ernest Holmes

At the beginning of this month, a family moved in upstairs. Up until then, the unit had been empty. The building I live in is an old building, and the units have been renovated quite nicely. One thing that wasn't renovated were the ceilings. Suddenly the quiet I had been enjoying disappeared. With every step the family takes, (and with 3 children there are a lot), my ceiling creaks. At first I thought that after they got all their things moved in and their unit fixed up, the noise would die down, but it hasn't.

I've allowed it to bother me. I've told people about the noise. I expect it every night. I even have it timed. I know what time the parents get home, and what time the family goes to bed. I've had headaches and frustration.

Then last Sunday I met a young woman in the parking lot with a darling doggie, who immediately began to tell me how horrible the ceiling noise was in her unit. She was really angry! At first I was glad I wasn't the only one with the problem and commiserated with her - then I realized she was my mirror! The Universe was reflecting to me what I was feeling - with a little more drama. I realized I had been choosing to be a victim, and this was not where I wanted to be.

In speaking to my prayer partner about this realization, she shared a powerful quote with me: "I cannot prevent the wind from blowing ... but I can adjust my sails to make it work for me."

I don't know if there's a solution to the ceiling noise, but I do know I can choose to be ok with it. I thought about how people who live near trains or freeways say that after awhile they don't even notice the noise. I had been focusing on it, allowing it to bother me -- and now I choose to remove my focus. Nothing outside of me can move me off Center. I choose Peace.

Where do you need to adjust your sails?


All creation is One. All creation is the wholeness of the Universe expressing uniquely. Just as this is true for all life, I know it is true for me.

I now declare I live in the peace of Spirit Within. Nothing outside of me can affect my peace. My mind, heart and body are in perfect harmony with Divine Peace. This is my birthright.

When ever I start to feel oppressed or distressed by something outside me, I now declare I am easily and gently reminded of my Truth. I see Life's reflections around me, and realize they are there to remind me of who I am. I am grateful for the insights and inspirations revealing my True Self at every moment.

I now see and experience only Good around me and am grateful to be a part of the creation of that Good. My life is unfolding in harmony, peace and joy.

I release these words into the Law of Mind, seeing the perfection of their manifestation in my world. This is good, very good. This is God.
And so it is.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Last weekend I went to the Sugarloaf Arts and Crafts Festival here in Baltimore. What a magnificently delightful array of colors, textures, scents and creativity. I love craft shows because I am reminded of my own inner artist, and how much fun it is to be creative.

A woman I spoke to while waiting in line for the restroom said she loved to come to the shows, but they made her sad. When I asked why, she said it was because she'd always wanted to be an artist, but had no talent whatsoever. I asked "So what do you like to do?" "Cooking" she replied. "Then you are an artist" I exclaimed "It takes an artist to create a good meal!" At first she looked at me like I was crazy, unwilling to let go of the story of not being creative, then her eyes got bright and she gave me a big smile. "I'd never thought of it that way" she said, "but I think you're right. My sister is always telling me how talented I am in the kitchen." "Then you're a culinary artist" I said - and it was my turn to go.

I wonder how many of us do the same thing -- look at someone else's work and wish we could do something like they do - instead of focusing on our own gifts.

In Ernest Holmes classic writing, This Thing Called You, he states,
“You exist that Divine feeling, fire, imagination and creativity may be expressed through you. The Spirit comes to you with a new and fresh creativity. You need not ask what others have done or how they have done it. Be yourself and express life as you find it. Never imitate. Trust the self. Find the self in God and God in the self.”


There is that within me that is infinitely creative. It seeks expression through me with unconditional love. I know this is Truth. As I acknowledge It, I am allowing It to flow though me freely.

I open my mind and heart to do the things that are mine to do. The ones that give me great pleasure while I am doing them. The ones that make me forget myself and serve others. No matter what my unique gifts are, I no longer ignore them by longing after anothers. I am all I desire to be right now, and I have everything within me to fulfill those desires.
I am grateful to remember the feeling of knowing I am in my right place, doing the right thing, and grateful that I can. I am so blessed.

I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are so, and so it is.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Weak Spot

A few years ago I hurt my back pretty badly. This evening I was sharing with a friend my story about how I started getting better quickly when I decided to be grateful when my back didn't hurt, instead of focusing on when it did. At the end of my sharing, I heard myself say "My back is my weak spot." I hesitated for a moment as what I heard myself say sunk in, and added with a laugh: "..and because I believe that, I get to experience it."

Wow! Over and over I am surprised at how subtle this stuff is. How long am I going to claim that for myself?!? Well, certainly not any longer, now that I realize what I've been doing.

To take this even deeper - I've hurt my back and healed quickly many times over the years since 1975 when I was in a car accident. I've written about that experience - about my arguing with my intuition and getting broadsided by a Cadillac because I didn't listen. So - is not listening to my intuition really my weak spot? Not any longer!!

Where's your "weak spot"? Listen to your conversations -- they will tell you what you need to know to go deeper. Let's live from our soul - not from self-created effects!


As I take a breath and settle into this moment of stillness, I remember who I am. A wonderful expression of the One Heart. A perfect being in the One Mind.

Today I know the Truth and the Truth sets me free from all 'weak spots' I have claimed for myself. Infinite Intelligence working through creative law, is commanded by my thoughts and feelings, and sets the law of attraction in action, creating my experiences. I now choose to think, feel, speak and act from a Higher Truth, and this Truth sets me free from all manifestations I have judged negative in my life. All is now good in my body, my relationships, my work and my finances. I am strong in my belief of The One expressing through me in every area of my life.

Gratefully I release these words, knowing they are so, and so it is.

Friday, April 09, 2010


Have you ever really given thought to the conversation that is going on 24/7 in your mind? Anyone who meditates has certainly seen easy it is to get hooked into various patterns of thinking!!

It is important to notice these things. Quite often thoughts slip out our mouths before we're aware they were going to do so. My teacher, the late Rev. Helen Street, once said that she only had to talk to someone for 5 minutes to know what God they worshiped.

Are you telling someone that money is the reason you can't do something? You're worshiping the god of lack. Talking about a former love partner, a boss, the government, etc., and what they did to you? You're worshiping the god of victimhood.

What we worship - or contemplate - we become.

You see, through our thoughts (which through experiences become beliefs) we define our lives. We are constantly creating a conversation with ourselves about what this world is about. We are all born storytellers. We give our stories color and meaning. The world around us reflects our stories.

What stories are you telling?

Many of us are starting to tell our stories around a central Truth: "All there is is Divine Energy - filled with unconditional loving intelligence - and this is who we are." Now we use our thoughts and words as tools for transformation -- not just for ourselves, but for our world.

And this is good, very good.


There is one Mind, and this Mind is God's Mind. Within this Mind is all the world has thought, felt and experienced. Within this Mind is all I have ever thought, felt and experienced. This is the Mind I am using now - always have been and always will.

I now rejoice in my conscious awareness of the infinite intelligence within me. I celebrate my being able to use my awareness to change my 'story' whenever I want. I do so now. I declare I am now experiencing a world that works for everyone. I don't have to know what that looks like, yet I know it is happening, because I am choosing it as my new story. From this point on, Infinite Intelligence works through me to make this our reality. I am defining my world as a safe, healthy, nurturing, creative place to live.

Our lives are more valuable than we could ever know. Our lives are the Invisible made visible. How grateful I am be realizing this at a deep soul level.

I release these words, knowing they are my Highest Truth, and so It is.

Friday, April 02, 2010


Something's been on my mind lately and I feel like I have to speak up, so here goes:

We've got to stop bashing the ego!!

I've heard how the ego leads us astray, how EGO stand for "Edging God Out", how the ego keeps us in fear, etc., etc., etc. We're told that the ego is needy - always in search of appreciation. It's considered a very negative thing. Every time I hear something like this, I want to stand up and yell - NO don't say that!!

So here's the dictionary definition of Ego:

1. the “I” or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling, and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.

2. Psychoanalysis. the part of the psychic apparatus that experiences and reacts to the outside world and thus mediates between the primitive drives of the id and the demands of the social and physical environment.

3. egotism; conceit; self-importance: (Her ego becomes more unbearable each day.)

4. self-esteem or self-image; feelings: (Your criticism wounded his ego.)

5. (often initial capital letter) Philosophy.

a. the enduring and conscious element that knows experience.

b. Scholasticism. the complete person comprising both body and soul.

According to word history: ego first shows up in 1714, as a term in metaphysics. Not until 1891 does it denote a sense of "conceit." It became an official psychoanalytic term around 1910; and "Ego trip" was first recorded in 1969.

I wonder what was happening in the collective conscious to have the "I" go from being self to something we consider negative?

The ego is that something that makes us shower and do what we can to look presentable. It is the part of us that makes us want to do a good job, and feels good when we do. It's the part of us that likes being a good person. How can that be negative?

Now here's the definition that turned me around years ago in my thinking about the ego. From the glossary of The Science of Mind: "The I AM of the Bible, the Christ, the perfect idea of God. In metaphysical terms, the Ego refers to the Real Consciousness of man."

Why would we want to get rid of that?

Even more importantly, let's look at the basic teaching of the Science of Mind. I believe we can boil it down to two sentences: 'All there is is God' and 'It is done unto us as we believe.' If all there is is God - then the ego has to be an expression of God as well. And since it is done unto as we believe, we have to pay attention. If we're claiming that an essential part of our psyche is bad -- it has to act the part! If we think the ego leads us astray, edges God out, keeps us in fear, is needy, etc., etc., etc., then that's what we get to experience - in ourselves and in the people around us.

Let's begin thinking of the ego as the Self - the perfect idea of God as us - our Christ consciousness. Easter seems like a really good time to do this.


Recognizing the Divine Essence permeating the universe, and knowing It is everything there is and more, I celebrate my conscious awareness that this Divine Essence is within me.

I now allow myself to let go of putting any part of myself down. I declare I now realize the fullest expression of my identity in Spirit. I have retrieved all parts of me I had tried to let go of, and I feel whole and holy.

I Am the center of wisdom, the experience of pure possibilities, the Light of the Divine. I am all my heart desires to be, right here, right now. I am home in my Self.

With a grateful heart, I celebrate my Truth, knowing this Truth is pure Love. I now release these words into the Law of Mind, and so it is.

Friday, March 26, 2010


We've heard a lot of 'stories' lately -- in the media, our friends conversations and yes, even in our own minds. Stories of lack, limitation, blame, etc.. The other day I was talking with musician Charlie Thweat and he reminded me of a statement from the Course in Miracles:

"Trust will solve every problem here."

Why don't we trust? Most of us have an experience or two in our past that led us to believe we couldn't. It also led us to the place where we think we have to do it all ourselves. That belief, of course, drew other experiences that proved the beliefs value in our lives. So we struggle, and the struggle brings more struggle.

Some traditions tell us to turn our lives over to Spirit. Yet, if we can't trust others or ourselves -- how can we trust Spirit?

The problem is our perception of Spirit. We treat it as if it is a person, with all the qualities of being human - both good and bad.

The Science of Mind teaches that Spirit is not an entity - it is Principle. I like to think of It as energy - a Divine Energy that is all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere present - including within us. It is a Principle that anyone can use, in fact we've been using it our whole life! Now that we are aware of It, we can consciously use It!!

Think of this Energy as being like the electricity in the room you are sitting in. You can't see it, but you know it's there and instantly available when you flip the switch. You don't have to do any special ritual or ceremony. You don't have to say particular words. You don't have to make any promises to make it work. You know the electricity is there, so you reach out and flip the switch.

What would your life be like if you believed it were this easy? Contemplate this today. Consciously decide the quality of Life you want, declare your intention, and remember, trust will solve every problem.


All around us is the creative intelligence of The Divine. It is constantly giving of Itself to Its creations. We are one of those creations. This wonderful Divine Energy is within us, acting as us at all times.

I allow myself to trust. I declare "I rely on Principle working in my life." I clear my mind and heart to think good things. I am in tune with right action. I am inspired by Love.

Everything I need is at hand. I have nothing to complain about whatsoever. Spirit moves me forward in grace. My life reflects the Divine Life, and this is good, very good.

I am so grateful I can trust. God is my all sufficiency. All is well in my world.

I release these words to the Law of Mind, trusting they are so, and so It is.

Friday, March 19, 2010


March 20, is the first day of Spring. Take a deep breath. Everything is lightening up.

A while ago, I planted some basil seeds in a small pot and put it on my kitchen window sill. Even though it looked like just a pot of dirt, I knew something was working underneath the soil. The urge to grow showed up as two tiny plants today, and in the next few days, even more will come up, and soon I will have to thin them.

This is what Spring feels like to me. It's like we've been seeds, buried in the darkness of winter, yet even though it was dark, something was working in us, as us. This something is Spirit, and if Spirit was a person, I think this would be her favorite time of year. We're breaking our hard shell casings, and sending up our intentions towards the Light. Those ideas we'd planted are coming into fruition. Sometimes they start to manifest in many different ways and we get really busy. They've got to be thinned out. Of course, as a gardener of my basil and of my thoughts, I will keep the strongest ones, the ones that will do the most good.

Our minds are our sacred gardens. They will nurture and support us if we tend them daily. Water and fertilize with your prayers and meditation, pull any stray thoughts, reseed every so often, and then relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


We live in an infinite Field of creative potential. This Field is Divine Energy. It is powerfully loving, absolutely intelligent, and within everything that is. There is no place where this Field is not. That means It is within us as well, just as we are in It.

I celebrate this Truth. I know that as I plant my intentions in this Field, everything that is necessary to the fulfillment of those intentions is already here - within the Field and within the intention itself.

I now declare I am willing to experience Spirit at a greater level. I do so, by making room in my consciousness. I am aware that the Law works, and I am willing to get out of its way.

Every experience is now Spirit filled. Every emotion is Loving. My mind is a storehouse of divine ideas. All these things are good, because all is God.
Gratefully I release these words to the Law of Mind, knowing they are so, and so Is is.