Friday, October 12, 2007

I’m still cruising in Thanksgiving mode and I love it!! Karen Drucker’s song “I am so blessed” keeps running through my head. For those of you who haven’t heard it, it’s a simple song:

I am so blessed, I am so blessed

I am so grateful for all that I have

I am so blessed, I am so blessed

I am so grateful, I am so blessed.

This morning I looked up “blessed” in the dictionary:

1. Consecrated – sacred, holy

2. worthy of adoration, reverence

3. divinely or supremely favoured

4. blissfully happy or contented

In Religious Science we say absolutely everything is God – there is nothing but God …. So yes, definition #1 & 2 are appropriate – we are sacred, holy beings, definitely worthy of adoration & reverence, most particularly from ourselves.

Definition #3 reminded me of Dr. Holmes definition of Grace in the glossary of the Science of Mind text: “Grace is the givingness of Spirit to Its Creation and is not a special law, but a specialized one. In other words, Grace is, but we need to recognize it. It is not something God imposed on us, but is the logical result of the correct acceptance of life and of a correct relationship to the Spirit.”

When we recognize and are in acceptance of the Truth of our being, it is easy to feel divinely favoured. Everything seems to fall into its perfect place, Treatments manifest easily, life is good. Which leads us right into definition #4.

Now there’s an interesting phenomena that happens to just about everyone almost as soon as we realize we are blissfully happy … we begin to worry about whether it will last! I’ve discovered when I start to worry, going back to feeling grateful does the trick. The Truth is, how I am feeling is a choice! Thich Naht Hanh wrote "At any moment, you have a choice, that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it."

What are you choosing today? OK, let’s sing – I am so blessed, I am so blessed


There is That Within Me that is infinitely intelligent and unconditionally loving. It is my Higher Self, First Cause, God, the Force, Divine Mind … what ever I choose to call It. It is within me and around me, It is – and that is all there is.

Today as I allow myself to accept the Truth – I am a sacred, holy being, living in a sacred Universe. I appreciate everything about my life. I give thanks for my body, and the ability it gives me to live in this present time. I give thanks for the other bodies in my life, whether they be family, friends, strangers, or pets. They are all expressions of The Divine. I give thanks for my ability to share my Divine gifts and talents with my world. I give thanks for being richly supported by The Divine. I give thanks for Being.

As I continually live in a grateful consciousness, I feel the Blessings of the Universe even greater than I ever have before. It is good to live in these times, regardless of what the world tries to tell me. My life is God’s Life, and I recognize and accept that It is a good one!

Breathing deeply, I release these words into Law, feeling the blessings of them. And so It is.