Friday, November 07, 2008


Last Sunday after the cable man came I was surfing through the channels and found a segment on 60 minutes that was awesome!

What caught my attention was a man in a wheelchair who communicates through a computer with the power of his thoughts alone!

When Scott Pelly, the interviewer, tried the Brain Computer Interface, he said every time he saw the letter he wanted, and thought “That’s it – that’s the one!” the computer worked. Pelly said “That feeling of recognition sets off a unique electrical pattern in my brain which the computer picks up. This is remarkable!” And it worked every time without a single mistake – even the first time!

I was in awe of the rest of the segment as well, but my mind kept coming back to the statement “That’s it – that’s the one!” that Pelly had used. The FEELING OF RECOGNITION.

When learning Spiritual Mind Treatment, (Religious Science’s form of affirmative prayer) in the 3rd step, Realization, we are taught to use our thoughts and our feelings. We use our minds to think about what it is that we want, and we use our feelings to connect with that mental desire.

When Pelly was saying “That’s it – that’s the one!” he had an eager excitement, a recognition that his thoughts are working, and a sense of awe. To get into that feeling right now, using the method actor approach, let yourself remember a time when you saw something or someone and KNEW – absolutely KNEW that this was for you. Got it? This is the feeling to take into Treatment.

I just had a moment of seeing in my mind’s eye, a computer screen with various consciousnesses flashing across it… consciousness of health, consciousness of prosperity, consciousness of love, etc., and when I see the one I want to embody, yelling excitedly “That’s it – that’s the One!” and having the computer stop there and beginning to download that consciousness. There was nothing about deservablity or having to do anything to earn that download – except claim it with my thoughts and feelings!!

Think of The Divine as the Universal Computer. We have a built in Brain Computer Interface. Let’s use it more consciously and with feeling! “That’s it – that’s the One!”

Here’s the clip:


I recognize the powerful presence of The Divine right here and now. In this recognition I realize It has always been with me and always will. It is my Lifeforce – the Energy that animates my body, enlivens my mind and nurtures my heart.

I celebrate myself in this Divinity. I celebrate my conscious awareness of Principle and how It works in me, as me, through me. I celebrate my ability to choose what to focus on.

Today I allow myself to feel the feelings of excitement and ownership of my internal interfacing system. As I focus on the consciousness of what I want, I do so with excitement, with recognition that the Law is working through me, and with a sense of awe at my creative abilities.

No longer do I doubt my use of The Law. No longer do I hold myself back. I am attracting my good with my thoughts and feelings, and I do so with joy and gratitude. I release these words to the Law of Mind, knowing they are so. I see God in form all around me. “That’s It – That’s the One!”

And so It is.