Saturday, April 11, 2009

Seeing the Truth

Yesterday I had sort of a Twilight Zone experience. I was in the front of our building, and my neighbor asked me if I knew who had a small orange cat, and as she was asking, my cat, Romy, came running around the corner. “That one,” she said, pointing at him.

I told her Romy was mine, and she told me he shows up every morning at her back door, meowing. She lets him in and he runs to her daughter’s bed and has a nap with her! My neighbor has been calling him “Morris.” I asked her to please not feed him, and we both laughed. Romy loves to eat!!

As I went back to my townhome, I marveled at the ‘second life’ my cat has.

I think I know him pretty well. To me, Romy’s daily routine is: Wake up Mom at 6:00 am, get fed, go outside, come back in at 10 am, get lots of pets and cuddles, curl up on sofa until 2 pm, go outside, back in at 4PM for dinner, play “I’m escaping thru the front door” when it opens because cat door is locked, sleep on the basement couch ‘til 9 PM, come upstairs and bug Mom to play with toys, sleep on her bed.

He’s very friendly, showing up during people visits to greet everyone, and playing with the dogs I take care of within a few hours after their arrival.

Yet here’s a whole new aspect of him I didn’t know. I’ve also seen him coming home from the direction of the house opposite our building – I wonder if he has another life there?

When my roommate arrived home, I thought about how I think I know who he is – and yet he has another life outside the home as well. That made me wonder how many assumptions have I made about people because of my limited association with them?

There is one thing I can assume and be right every time! No matter who it is, human or animal, (or mineral or plant), it is God in form. God is so much more than we could possibly ever imagine – and so are we!

This Easter, join me in removing the preconceived ideas we’ve had about how Life works in our experience, and bless it all by knowing the Truth!!


Spirit is alive and aware in me, as me. It is the Lifeforce within me, and the things my Lifeforce interacts with. It is my feeling nature, It is my thoughts. It is absolutely everything. All there is – is God. This is my Truth.

From this moment I release myself from judgment and see Life as it actually is. I know It is beautiful. It is kind. It is loving. It is generous. It is nurturing. These are the things I want it to be, and so It is.

I declare my eyes are open to the greater Vision that is present. My heart is open to greater Love. My Mind is open to new ideas and concepts to live authentically. God in me, as me, is living a great life.

I celebrate this Life with every fibre of my being. God is good. And So It Is.