Friday, June 29, 2007

I read a piece on the internet the other day that went something like this:

“My 6 year old niece came in from playing, saying, "I have a splinter! I have a splinter"

"Does it hurt?"

"Yes! it is awful. See?" She shows me the finger with the splinter in it.

"I can remove it for you. Do you want me to do that?"

NO! It Would HURT!"

I have been talking with so many people about how important feelings are. This story is such a good analogy for what most people do. We’re so afraid of those old feelings hurting that rather than feel them and be finished with them, we keep them buried. We think we’re doing a good job “staying positive” when in truth we are being run by the feelings we are hiding from! On a TV show one day I heard this comment “Feelings buried decompose.” That decomposition attracts illness, depression and other uncomfortable effects.

Very young children’s feelings are right out there. They express them and it’s finished. A child might strike out at a playmate for touching her toy at the playground, and the injured party cries and runs to her mother. Yet 3 minutes later the two are back playing again as if nothing ever happened.

So many of us have had emotional traumas that we buried because we were told it wasn’t appropriate to cry. We felt we weren’t allowed to complete the natural cycle of our feeling nature. Now those feelings are lying in wait, decomposed, ready to sabotage our good.

We’ve all heard that a good cry is cleansing! If you have something you’re afraid to face because it might hurt, let me tell you it probably will – but the hurt won’t be forever. Feel the hurt and cry. Crying releases the emotional steam valves we’ve been working so hard to keep closed. The only way out of the pain is to go through it. This time you’ll be going through as the person you are now, not as the person you were then. You have all the Power of the Universe behind you, honouring your every action. You are safe, and on your way to wholeness (holiness) and that’s a good thing!

Blessings, Rev. Angelica

PS – Remember you don’t have to do this alone! Practitioners and Ministers are available to help you!!


There is a powerful Presence that is the Source and substance of everything in the Universe including us. This Presence is infinitely intelligent. This Presence is Divine Love and Love is the greatest healing agent there ever was, is or will be.

As I recognize this Love within me, I allow myself to consciously embody It. I breathe deeply and feel myself being filled up. I am Loved. All the painful stuck places in my heart and mind are now washed clean with this Love. I feel the tears come up and let them out. As I do this, my whole being is refreshed and renewed. I know I am loved. I know that the Divine has my highest good and greatest joy in Mind. I am blessed beyond measure.

The places within my consciousness that were filled with pain are now filled with a deep knowing that who I am is of great value to the world. I am Spirit in form. I have opened up and let my authentic Self be revealed, and this is good, very good.

Gratefully I honour my emotional body that has worked to protect me for so long. I am grateful I can let go and let God be my nurturer. I celebrate my life because it is Divine Life.

I release these words knowing they are already done. And so It is.

I just put a world map at the bottom of this site. If you would, I’d love for you to click on that map and then on the area you’re located. My intention is to see red dots all across ou planet!! Thank you!

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