Friday, September 24, 2010


Have you ever had an epiphany? Most of us have. We think they are sudden events .. in fact the 3rd definition on is: a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

However, epiphanies are sort of like the Hollywood myth of being "discovered overnight." A lot of work goes before the discovery.

I see epiphanies having 4 parts: 1st - there's some sort of set-up that prepares us to receive it. 2nd - there is an external trigger. 3rd - there is the actual realization and 4th - there is proof that the epiphany has changed us.

Here's an example: Years ago, I had been working at a job I liked, but knew it wasn't my 'purpose.' I took classes and did lots of inner work, tried lots of different things, but never felt I had found that thing that was mine to do. All my classes taught me to do what I loved to do. My problem was that I loved doing lots of things.

(1 - the set-up) At one point I decided to become an herb farmer -- The medicinal and cooking uses of herbs fascinated me. I already had lots of herbs growing in my garden and had even designed my packaging.

(2 - the trigger) I got some books from the library to further educate myself and one day while looking through these books, I found a list of herb farms. There were so MANY in Southern California, which was where I was living. I remember a feeling of disappointment. My herb farm dream fizzled. I had to ask myself -- Why? Why did I want to grow herbs? The main reason was for the healing properties. As I contemplated this, I remembered all the classes I had taken in hands on healing, etc. Over the years as I had pursued my metaphysical leanings, someone had always talked me out of them. (Usually a boyfriend, telling me people would think I was strange).

(3- the realization) Suddenly I KNEW I could choose anything I wanted -- I wasn't with anyone, and I didn't have to allow anyone to stop me again! My life was my choice!

The time that elapsed from seeing the lists to having the realization of being at choice was about 10 minutes - an epiphany - or a revelation. I ended up dancing around my bathroom (isn't that where so many good ideas come to us) and feeling such a sense of joy.

(4- the proof of change) A few weeks later my cleaning lady told me about Rev. Terry Cole-Whittaker who had a TV show at the time. When she told me about Terry, I laughed to myself -- I'd tried religion and that wasn't for me. The next Sunday morning, I made my coffee and pushed the button on the TV, intending to watch a movie - and there was Rev. Terry, a beautiful little blond woman in a white suit. I don't remember what she was talking about, I just remember that I didn't even make it to my chair, I sat on the floor and listened. Everything resonated in my body and a voice very clearly said "You can do this."

Here I am 29 years later, doing what Terry Cole- Whittaker was doing (minus the TV show).

Epiphanies touch every area of our lives, not just one. My epiphany was that my life was always MY choice, and that realization has never left me.

Many people are frustrated with their lives at the moment. If you are, perhaps this is the set-up period to a epiphany of your own. With the way things are in our world, perhaps we're on the verge of a global epiphany. I think we're ready!

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


Taking a breath and turning inward, I acknowledge the Presence of The Divine. It is the LifeForce within me that is guiding me along my True Path. I celebrate my conscious awareness of this Presence, declaring It works through me ease and grace.

I now declare I am ready for my personal epiphany. I am ready to do the work necessary to discover that which is mine to do. I release any fears or doubts surrounding this, and realize I have always been working towards the Truth of my being. I release any frustrations about time or circumstances. Divine Mind, the Source of all, knows exactly what I need.

As I accept this Truth for myself, all the power of the universe rushes in to fulfill my heart's desires. I know this for everyone else as well.

I release these words into the Universal Heart knowing they are done, and so it is.