Friday, October 08, 2010

Don't Doubt

One night I was channel surfing and came upon a program that was explaining some Sekh teachings. One of the comments that caught my attention was:
The first Law of Prosperity is “Don’t Doubt.”

That is not only the first law of prosperity but of practicing our spirituality as well!! Don’t doubt! Pray and don’t doubt the effectiveness of your prayers. Speak your word for health, and don’t doubt. For your new job, and don’t doubt. For love and don’t doubt!

Doubt is uncertainty in the context of trust. It implies challenging some notion of truth, or hesitating to take action due to concern that one might be mistaken. It is to hesitate in accepting something as truth.

Dr. Holmes writes in 365 Science of Mind:
“When the intellect is no longer contradicted by our emotional reactions, by unconscious doubts and fears, then the word of our mouth will immediately bear fruit.”

To me, the opposite of doubt is trust and expectancy. If we are going to let go of doubt, what do we trust? That Powerful Presence that is absolutely everywhere in the universe, that honors our deepest beliefs and feelings through Its aspect called Law. Dr. Holmes writes that “Learning to trust will make us happy.”

How do we trust? In this world of mixed messages, it’s easy to slide into doubt. I believe we have to consciously set an intention to trust, and every time we find ourselves doubting, consciously realign ourselves with Truth. The more we do it, the more we re-pattern ourselves, and trusting becomes natural.

One of the ways we can re-pattern ourselves is working with the Law in eager expectancy. (Doubt is expecting our Treatments will not work.) I love this writing by Dr. Holmes:
“What great joy should accompany everything that we do -- an expectancy, love. Love everything, praise everything, recognize all things, believe all things, accept all things. There is a laughter of God -- let's laugh it. There is a song of the Universe -- let's sing it. There is a hymn of praise -- let's praise it. There is a joy, a beauty; there is a deep abiding peace; let's experience it."

Now this is happiness.


There is One Perfect Power in the universe. It is infinitely intelligent and unconditionally loving. It surrounds and encompasses me. It is everywhere. It is my life. I trust that in every moment, the Power for Good is working in and through me.

I now choose to let go of all my self-imposed doubts and fears. I allow myself to fully benefit from this Power for Good. As I speak my word for my life, knowing that I am now healthy, wealthy, creative, loving and wise, I know these words are being immediately acted upon. I step up in eager expectancy, delighting in all I attract with my clear mind and pure heart.

I laugh and sing my praises for this wonderful Law that is always at work for me, through me. My life is joy filled. I am happy because I trust!

Gratefully I release these words to the Creative Process and allow each moment to unfold in grace and joy. And so It is.