Friday, February 13, 2009

Dearly Beloved,

You are My Beloved in whom I am well-pleased. Yes – YOU!!!

This weekend, while much of the western world celebrates Valentine’s Day, I’d like you to open your heart even more to Me– the Lover of your Life.

My Love is unconditional … I have no requirements for you to experience It – ‘cept one ……

Believe you are Loved.
When you can’t, I will love you anyway.

How can I not? You are my own Life …

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Love, God


Love is a cosmic urge who’s sweep is irresistible. Love is everywhere, because Love is the Source and substance of all there is. Love is God.

Today I am ready and willing to be swept up in Love. I open my heart and let Divine Love express Itself more fully as me. I let go of all requirements I had set up for others to experience my love or for me to experience theirs. I realize that Love has no favourites, It just Loves. This is my new way of being – I just Love.

I see and experience Love in every area of my life – in my work, my finances, my health and my relationships. I see Love shining back at me when I look at my reflection in the mirror. Love is my Life.

With a grateful, love-filled heart, I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are so, And so It is.