Friday, August 25, 2006

A few weeks ago, I was standing by the sliding door in my home office when I saw Daisy streak by. This cat is an amazing hunter – she once jumped 6’ straight up on a tiny 4th floor balcony to snatch a bird out of the air. Something told me she had caught another critter, so I went outside to save it. Daisy was hiding under a bush. I stuck my hand under the bush and because Daisy and I have lived together for 6 years, she knew what to do, and dropped what she was carrying into my hand. I quickly closed my hand, and stood up and opened it slightly. I was instantly awestruck! There was the tiniest hummingbird I had ever seen! It’s feathers were iridescent green and it’s beak was almost as big as it’s body! It was either dead or stunned because it wasn’t moving. Another hummingbird started to flit around me, then landed on a branch of the closest tree. I realized I had a baby hummer in my hands! As I held that tiny bird I KNEW it was healthy and would live. Suddenly I could feel its heart pounding wildly in my palm. I centered myself and breathed peace, and I could feel it calming. Finally I open my hands and the tiny bird flew up and over the brook to a tree far enough away that Daisy couldn’t catch it again. I saw the mother fly to that area as well.

I had held a baby hummer !!! I was so grateful.

I’ve had some amazing experiences with hummers. The first one I remember was after a day long meditation class at the Glendale, CA. church. I went to my car and there was a hummer, just hanging in the air about 4 feet in front of me – it’s colours flashing in the sun. I watched for the longest time, and felt so privileged to have that experience, then as I opened my car door, it left. However, just before I could turn the key to start the engine, it was back - hanging in the air outside my windshield, closer this time. I sat there in awed appreciation. It was as if that meditation class had put me in a space where I could feel unity with all life, and the hummingbird felt it.

Another time was at Asilomar, when I was walking down from my room (across from the main gate) and there was a gorgeous male sitting on a branch. Just sitting! Normally it would have flown away in brilliant flash of colour, but it just sat there .. I stood and watched it preen itself for quite a while.

I had officiated at a wedding a couple of weeks ago at which the bride gave the groom a wedding ring with a hummingbird engraved on it. She wanted me to say something about the ring, and in my research I discovered that in the Haida culture Hummingbirds are bringers of JOY.

The Sunday after holding the hummingbird in my hand, I walked into the Rec, Centre where we hold our Gatherings and saw this month’s Common Ground magazine – yes, it had a hummingbird on the cover – and the feature article was about JOY!!

All these experiences I consider “Love notes from the Universe.” Each time the message has been JOY!! Meister Eckhart, the great Catholic mystic said “Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God.” I accept!!

How about you? What Love Notes have you been receiving lately?

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


Knowing that Divine Energy is the essence of the Universe – the Source and Substance of all – I now declare I see It and hear It and experience It will all of my senses. I know this Essence is the Source and Substance of who I am.

The Universe is constantly giving me Love Notes. I allow myself to receive and acknowledge them. I experience these Love Notes in all areas of my life. In my health, my finances, my relationships and my work. Every time I notice one, I celebrate it. I am so grateful I can do this.

I celebrate the Spirit of Joy in me, as me today. I let It fill me up and flow out into my atmosphere with ease and grace. Gratefully, I know my life is God’s Life and it is good. And so it is.