Friday, January 22, 2010

All One

Last week I mentioned appreciating the phrase “I see you” from the Avatar film.

Evie, a fellow member of Vibrant Nation, wrote this:

“You might be interested to know that there is an African group, the Ubuntu, who acknowledge one another, almost like we say "Hello", but they say, "I see you" and the one they see says, "I am here". When discussing this with them they explain that to be "seen" brings the 'other' into existence. Without this kind of acknowledgement one does not exist.”

Wow! Many years ago I did courses in Re-evaluation Counseling.” It is a peer-based counseling system, and in our advanced courses the instructor talked about how people of color often feel invisible.

Let me tell a story on myself. Sometime last Saturday night, all 4 tires on the car I had borrowed disappeared. Tuesday, the car got towed to the repair place and I had to go and sign some papers, so a friend drove me to the shop. We got lost. We couldn't find the street we were supposed to turn on. The area the shop is in looked to me like an all black, distressed area. At one point, we stopped at a traffic light and I saw 3 men standing at the bus stop. I wanted to roll down the window and ask one of them where the street was but the streets name was "Amos" and all I could think of was the old TV show "Amos and Andy" and how these men might think I was playing with them and get mad, so I didn't.

As we drove on, I realized that as I looked out the window, I had been avoiding looking at any of the men. I was afraid! I have never had an actual experience with a black man that would have caused me to be afraid, yet there it was, an invisible barrier - something I believe I downloaded from the collective “fearful white woman” consciousness.

It made me think about walking by homeless people and averting my eyes.

No wonder people feel invisible! Because of our fears we won’t even look at them!
And what is that fear based on – being different? Different colors? Different languages? Different religions?

So how do I/we get beyond this? Dr. Holmes writes:

The manifest universe is the body of God ... all people are incarnations of the One Spirit.

When we let go of our desire to have everyone be like we are – when we celebrate our differences instead of judging them – then we will truly embody Dr. Holmes statement. All there is – is God. The tire thief, the people on the streets, people of different colors, religions, countries – they are all God. There is nothing but God!!

Thank you for helping me remember this.

I See You.

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Today I celebrate the One Life – recognizing It as God’s Life, knowing It is perfect, and It is the Life I am living right now. This Life is infinitely intelligent, unconditionally loving and everywhere present.

I speak my word declaring I am ready to remember this Truth at all times. There is no Life but God’s no matter what the appearances. I choose to rise above the fears of my cultures collective consciousness. I know that by doing this, I lift the consciousness of humanity.

We are all One, there is no way to separate us. We are One in the body of God. I now celebrate multiplicity in Unity. I marvel at all the ways God has shown up in humanity.
I now choose to see God in everyone, I know they are here, I welcome their existence.

I am eternally grateful to be waking up. God in me, as me and through me, now blesses this world. And so It is.