Friday, January 23, 2009


In listening to President Obama last Tuesday, I once again remembered how much I love words. President Obama used his words to focus attention, share his passions and empower others to join him. I felt like a better person when his speech was over. I felt like the possibilities were endless.

This gave me ideas for the use of words in our spiritual life:

Focus your words in your Spiritual Mind Treatments. Be clear as to the consciousness you want to embody. Speak with expectation. Use your words to create images, feelings and movement in this wonderful field of infinite possibilities we live in.

Use words that are as believable as possible. Sometimes we try to use other people’s words and they don’t feel quite right. Our subjective mind responds to how we speak and think in our daily life. Work with your Spiritual Mind Treatments and affirmations until you can feel them in your body. When we are speaking authentically, our passion shines through our words, and not only are we empowered, but the people around us are as well.

Use statements that are radical – for instance, start them with “Regardless of appearances…”
“Regardless of appearances, money flows into my life whether I am working, sleeping or playing.”
“Regardless of appearances, my body is healing itself with ease.”
“Regardless of appearances, my life is filled with love.”

Use your words to bless. We have so much to be grateful for. Don’t rush through that 4th Step of Treatment. Be consciously grateful.

These are also good ideas for our daily conversations. Use your words to focus attention on the good, share your passions and empower others. Say thank you a lot! Speak words of appreciation at least 3x’s a day. Share your love. Whatever we bless increases.

Thank you for reading the Friday Message. It’s my pleasure to serve you today.
Blessings, Angelica


There is a Divine Presence that is the Universe Itself. It is the Source and substance of all things, seen and unseen, including me. It is where I am, and who I am.

I now speak my word, recognizing the Power behind it. I use it only for good. I now declare that any sense of stress in my world or in the worlds of the people I know is now released and replaced with Love. Love is the greatest healing agent there is. I see my body bathed in Divine Love with all the cells responding to Love with joy. I see my financial life blessed by my awareness that everything I am grateful for increases. I am grateful for knowing my Source and am open to receive all of Love’s blessings. I feel my relationships blessed by my conscious awareness that there is only God here. All of my relationships are now Spirit to Spirit, and they are good. I know my work life is blessed by my willingness to be of service to my world. My mind and hands are the tools of the Divine, and I do good work.

I am so blessed. I am grateful to be able to recognize my blessings. I am grateful to be able to do the work I do in Mind. I am grateful to have the power of the Universe revealed by means of me. I know that as I speak these words into the Law of Mind for myself, all who read them take them as their own and are blessed.

God is good, and all is well in my world. And so it is.