Friday, April 06, 2007

Today is Good Friday … I’ve always wondered why the day Jesus was crucified was called “good”. In my research I found that some say it used to be called “God Friday” and became Good Friday just like “God be with you” became “Good bye.”

For me, the method of Jesus’ death made his teaching more powerful. Would we have gotten the message that “God is Love and this is who you are”, if he had lived to a ripe old age or would he have faded away like so many other great teachers – even some in our own tradition?

What would our world be like without Christianity? Some might say it would be more peaceful – some say more chaotic. And is the Jesus story even true? Is it a particular person’s story – or a conglomeration of many stories? So many questions. Jean Houston wrote: “A myth is something that might have never been but that is always happening. It is the DNA code of the human psyche. It is available for one generation, and again, in a different twist, for another. It has multiple, myriad facets. It drops into a culture like a crystal seed in a supersaturated solution, and then it blooms and blossoms."

The Jesus story is our story. Each of us must come to our own understanding of it. As we review why Easter is celebrated, we must ask ourselves how it affects our lives and decide how we want it to.

For me, I will honour the man’s life and death. I can take comfort in his strength of faith, his absolute knowingness that he and the Father were One. I value his teaching and appreciate these words “All these things I do, you can do, and even greater.”

It seems that "Good Friday" is like so many of the great spiritual truths. It is a paradox. Like "You shall find yourself by losing yourself." Or "Less is more." These paradoxes are difficult to totally understand, yet sometimes they take hold of us. And when they do, nothing is the same ever again.

Easter Blessings, Rev. Angelica


There is That Within me that is my Christ nature. It is Unconditional Love. It is an absolute knowingness. It is of great value to me and my world.

I choose to honour this today and everyday by the way I live my life. I am Love made manifest and Love is the greatest healing agent in the universe. I am the Beloved in whom God is well pleased and I let this Love flow forth from me nurturing and blessing all I come in contact with.

As Love flows from within me, it aligns everything in my life - my health, my wealth, my relationships and my use of my talents – with that Divine Christ Pattern.

For this I am eternally grateful. I celebrate my conscious awareness of the Christ. And so It is.