Friday, October 16, 2009


Rev. Yvonne Davidson, a friend in Kelowna, sent me this story and I had to share it with you:

I had the opportunity of meeting a wonderful Chiropractor who has been working with David and I since March. He said he had come to Kelowna to heal the city.

He accepts a patient, X-rays them, sees them three times a week for three months, twice a week for three months, then once a week for three months. His theory is that we have to train the body to re-member how to hold the adjustments he gives it.

What amazed me is that he asks each patient how much they can pay per month and if they can't pay anything, they don't, and whatever they can afford is what they pay for their treatments! No balance piling up, no accounting each month.

He belongs to Trinity Baptist Church and is a very delightful, cheerful and positive Christian, who knows all about how the mind and body work together. Our philosophies differ very little.

He told me he used to go to church every Sunday and volunteer his time. One day he thought; "There are lots of people who volunteer here". So now every Sunday he goes down to the Mission where they do a breakfast for the homeless and he does around 30 Chiro adjustments for street people. Here is a man who really walks his talk.

Yes, here is a man who really walks his talk. I love his willingness to know his gifts so clearly and give them regardless of what our society would say. I can just hear his fellow chiropractors – “You mean you just give it away? You can’t do that!” Yes he can and yes he does.

My teacher, the late Rev. Helen Street, used to say that within 5 minutes of conversation she could tell what God the person had. As I read this e-mail, I see a man whose God is a loving, giving God. One that supports him in doing the work he knows he must do. One that he trusts.
I love this God.


I acknowledge the Divine Energy that is within us all. This Divine Energy is the Source, the sustainer and the substance of all. It is Love working through Law. It is, and It is all there is.

Knowing this I speak my word into this wonderful Energy and I declare “I am ready and willing to be all I can be. I am ready to give my gifts to the world and I am ready to trust that everything needed to do this work is already at hand.”

I celebrate my willingness, my courage and my ability to trust. I am so grateful for these Principles and the Universe’s constant reminder of them. I gratefully step forward in faith and do the work I am here to do. God in me, as me, is living a wonderful life!

I release these words to the Law of Mind, knowing they are done, and so it is.