Friday, January 05, 2007

It’s really hard to be a teacher of this philosophy and be experiencing something physical – or financial – or emotional and not be able to move out of it immediately!

In the middle of December I woke up with a backache, which got progressively worse, until a couple of days later, I dragged myself to the chiropractor and got examined. I was shocked seeing the x-rays. My spine was crooked, my pelvis tilted, and needless to say I was in a lot of pain. According to him, I had re-injured a chronic condition. Every time I visited him, he would put up the x-ray. I had to face those pictures while he evaluated me and what adjustments he would be doing.

Within just a few visits I was standing straighter and feeling so much better. This was wonderful. Then last Saturday, I woke up in the middle of the night in terrible pain and as I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, all I could see was a crooked woman. I thought about the Spiritual Mind Treatments I was doing for myself, and that others were doing. I had a crisis of faith and stood there yelling “This isn’t fair – this isn’t fair!!” A Voice said “Life isn’t fair – it’s what you make of it.” A calmness came over me. I realized that though I had been Treating for a straight spine, my main focus had been on trying not to feel pain. I had accepted I had a chronic condition, and was fighting the fear of being crippled. I saw that x-ray once again in my mind’s eye, and realized how many times I had thought about it. The Universe was giving me what I was predominantly thinking about – what I was making of my life!

I immediately decided to change my mind. I decided to focus on being grateful. I would be grateful I could still move around, grateful for the help I was receiving, grateful I was alive. Every time I was able to move without pain, even if it was only for a second, I praised it. “It’s working! It’s working!”

Imagine my doing church Sunday morning in this condition!! I found myself not only dealing with pain but embarrassment as well. However, my decision to be well attracted two people coming over a half hour early to church. One was our practitioner, and she had brought a friend who had just become a Reiki Master. I was able to experience the work of both of them and the tension of pain and embarrassment drained away.

From the moment I changed my mind, I’ve been getting stronger and straighter, and attract just what I need to do so. I now have a picture of a healthy spine where I see it often. I decided to close my eyes at the chiropractor’s office so I won’t see the x-ray he needs to look at during his evaluation. As I told him what I was doing, I remembered he too, was God in expression, working for me to facilitate my healing.

This morning I got an e-mail message written by the late Eileen Cady of Findhorn:

The lessons of patience, persistence and perseverance, which have to be learned by every soul, are vitally important. Do not give up when you fail to put them into practice all the time, but keep on and on and know that you will win through in the end. Victory is assured for those who faint not on the way.

Learn to keep on an even keel and do not be up in the heavens one moment and down in the depths of hell the next. Keep your mind stayed on Me, hold the vision of perfection ever before you and never let it go; this is the way to bring it about. Put your whole faith and trust in Me and be at perfect peace.

Our teaching is so simple – Focus on what you want – regardless of appearances!! Must be what Jesus meant when he said “Keep thine eye single.” Absolutely everything is God in form and here to serve us. It can only serve what we’ve accepted for ourselves!

Are you dealing with something issue right now? No matter what you’re going through, know you can change your mind – and change your experience!! This stuff works!!

Thank God! Rev. Angelica


There is That Within Me that is infinitely intelligent, yet It is bound by my beliefs. I now choose to accept a greater idea of myself. I am God in expression, forever creating my reality.

I now declare all my experiences are openings to my Higher Truth. This Truth is that I am pure potentiality. I think, and I become. I now release anything that is no longer necessary to the fulfillment of my highest good and greatest joy. I know who I am – an expression of The Divine, and my life reflects this in body, mind and heart. Only good and more good is mine to experience now. I know this for myself and for all others. All there is is God.

I release these words, knowing they have been embodied by my subjective mind and are now the builders of my universe. I am grateful to the Source of all. And so it is.

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