Saturday, March 06, 2010


A few weeks ago I wrote about meeting my Nephew and his family at the airport and how delightful it was to see them.

Something else happened that day that haunts me. As I was walking down the hallway heading towards the gate where the military comes in, I saw many young men and women in uniform walking toward me. I waved at them, called "Welcome Home" and got great responses. I watched them greet family members or making plans to see each other and celebrate. They were glad to be on U.S. soil again.

And then I saw Her. A young woman walking by herself, face blank, eyes devoid of any emotion. I felt that inside she had been holding herself together for so long that she had lost herself. I wanted to run up to her, take her in my arms and let her know everything was going to be OK, but the wall of energy around her said "stay back." It was as if I approached her, a crack would appear in that wall and she would start screaming. I smiled at her and said "Welcome home," but she didn't seem to hear or notice.

Even thinking about her now makes my eyes well up. What had she seen or experienced that stole her joy?

I wanted to rail at the horrors of war, and all that it is doing to our young men and women and their families ....

Yet now I have to ask myself: "What is there in me that resonates with her so much that she haunts me?" Perhaps because I know we all have the potential to allow our experiences to break us - or to make us stronger. Perhaps because I have been where I think she is, and I know she can choose to move up and out of the darkness and reclaim her joy.

Dr. Holmes writes: "While it is true that wrong conditions exist, they could not remain unless there were someone to experience them. Consequently, the experience must be in consciousness. Change the consciousness and the false condition will disappear. Conditions are not entities, we are entities."

If you're feeling in a dark place today, raise your vision - remember the Truth of You!! Or remember there are many of us who are raising you in our Vision.
I now choose to hold Her in my heart, blessing her with an awareness that this too shall pass. I see Her smiling again.

This is why I love our teaching, and am doing what I do. I know we are more than we think we are - and more powerful than we could ever imagine. I know that by lifting our consciousness we help untold numbers of people. This is a good thing - this is a God thing.


There is only One Life - that Life is God's - and this is the life we are living now.

This is our Truth, and I declare that we are remembering. As we walk our Path, we do so with a compassionate heart for all who do not know they have choice, including ourselves in times of darkness.

I declare that we are more open to a conscious awareness of our Truth. It lifts us up, and we lift others. In every area of our life, we remember we have choice -- the choice to love, to be fulfilled in our work, to be prosperous and healthy. Our remembering sets the Law of Attraction to working for us and countless others.

I celebrate these Principles, so grateful for how I have learned about them and how to use them. I am filled with joy as I release these words, knowing they are so, and so it is.