Friday, November 27, 2009

Letting Go

Darling Phoebe, who I thought would be my forever dog, left today for her new home. I was her “permanent foster mom” for the owner, who breeds top quality Standard Poodles. Unfortunately, she couldn’t go to the States with me, and so this morning, with cuddles, tears and a heavy heart, I had to let her go.

It made me think about all the other times I have gone on what I call “Grand Spiritual Adventures.” There was always a letting go. I believe it is this way for all of us. We make sacrifices – and we do it consciously or unconsciously.

When I first came to Canada in 2000, I had shipped my 1989 Mustang from Hawai’i. I loved this car - - it had every bell and whistle you can imagine, and I looked really good in it. But more than that – my husband had given me this car, which made it a treasure of the heart.

One night after class, Brad, a student who has taught me so much over the past 9 years, was walking me to my car, and we were talking about attachments. Having just sold everything, left a successful church in Hawaii, along with my husband and family of choice – I said “I don’t have any attachments.” Brad said “Really?” and I responded “Well, my car. I really like my car – it’s the last thing I have from Hawai’i.” A few weeks later, when I returned from the Asilomar Conference in California, I discovered that my car, which had been parked on the street in front of my apartment, had been slammed into by a drunk driver, and totaled.

That’s when I learned that the root of the word ‘sacrifice’ is from the Latin meaning “to perform sacred functions.” You see, I wailed and cried for a few days about the sacrifices I had made to come to Canada, as if Something Else was making me do them. I was used to thinking of sacrifice as something awful – yet when I looked it up and discovered the words original meaning, I began to approach it with a sense of the sacred. I realized letting go is an important spiritual practice.

Will we be sad? Of course. Grief is natural and wants to be expressed. It is like a cleansing – a removal of another layer of dust to reveal the Diamond Within. We sacrifice something we have been - to be more – something more magnificent.

Phoebe is going to a new family who has another Standard Poodle to play with and lots of acreage. I am going home to the States, to a larger community and lots of possibilities. The members and friends of Celebration Centre are stepping into a new Grand Spiritual Adventure themselves, collectively and individually. And I declare it’s all going to be Good, very Good!


God is the only Presence. God is Love and Love is the only Power. We all live, move and have our being in Love. We are living the One Life of The Divine.

Knowing this, I now declare that letting go is a sacred experience. As we move through our Grand Spiritual Adventures, letting go so that we can be Revealed Truth in action, we know that only good is real.

We acknowledge our feelings, and allow Nature to nurture us through them, and then cleansed, we turn, with eager anticipation, to the New Path we have chosen.

As we let go, we let God fulfill our Souls Contract. This Contract is about awakening more and more each day to our spiritual magnificence. I declare that we claim it, feel it, and see it reflected in our world! How wonderful it is!

I release these words into the Law of Mind with a grateful heart. And so it is.