Friday, February 23, 2007

On Oprah’s second show, the “Reaction to The Secret” she made this comment:

“You can struggle against the current of your life or you can go with the flow.”

Years ago, when “Go with the flow” was a popular statement, I had a problem with it. I had a mental picture of lying on my back, lazily floating down a river. The problem was I had to go where the current took me. I felt that if people just went with the flow of the collective consciousness, there would still be the same challenges. If we thought the way we’d always thought, we’d get the results we’d always got. I was for making decisions & choices and following them to their conclusion.

When Oprah made her comment, the word “current” suddenly had a new connotation – I saw a new picture in my mind. I’ve often used electricity as an analogy for The Divine. It is everywhere around us, waiting to be used. Suddenly I saw myself as a transformer for the Infinite Current of The Divine to flow out into the world. I have, as do you, my own filters (beliefs, etc) that take the Divine Current and modify It as It moves through me into expression in the world. This makes the Current uniquely MINE. It enables me to operate with ease as I allow It to flow through me, or I can resist It. When I feel life is a struggle, it is a clear sign that I have tried to express this Energy in a way that is foreign to It as me. Perhaps I’ve tried to deny It, or tried to act like It was someone else’s energy. It wants to come through fully, and I might have, in my resistance, squeezed It down to a trickle. Thank God I can never totally stop the current as it is my Life force.

Now I know we are not only Transformers, we are the operators of this Divine Device. As the operator, all we have to do is open the channels to a fuller expression. Join me in letting go of the struggle, being a conscious operator and …. Go with the Divine Flow!


Gratefully, I celebrate the Divine Energy of the Universe as It flows through me. It is infinitely intelligent and unconditionally loving. It is my Life force.

I am open and willing to being a greater transformer – I feel this wonderful life force as It moves into every area of my life … I feel my relationships, my finances, my health and my creativity swell with the Infinite Presence and Power. I am living an authentically spiritual life, and it is a good one!

I am so grateful to be aware of my place in the Flow of Life. I take that place willingly, standing proudly in the Truth. Life is good in me, as me and through me. And so It is.