Friday, January 26, 2007

Last night I saw a television ad for Disneyland and was inspired by their theme “A Year of a Million Dreams.”

This made me start thinking: The population of Earth according to the World Population Clock right this moment is 6,572,310,537. This means there are a minimum of 7 billion dreams occurring right at this very moment!! 7 Billion potential dreams infiltrating the Inner Net. WOW! I now have an ever greater appreciation for Infinite Intelligence!

With a chuckle, I remember a scene from the film “Bruce Almighty” where the character played by Jim Carey got to take over as God, and was trying to work the computer for all the prayers that were coming through. He decided to say yes to all of them.

I believe YES is the only word this wonderful Principle we call God responds with. If we are dreaming little dreams, or limiting dreams, the Universe can only say yes. If we are dreaming BIG dreams, the Universe can only say yes. It is up to us to choose our dreams carefully !!

Each of us has probably had a million dreams in our lifetime… dreams of learning to walk, run, ride a bike, drive a car, dance, skate, golf, horseback ride, cook, write ,,, just to name a few.

I believe there is one common denominator in all our dreams .. no matter who we are, or where we live .. we want to be recognized as being of value to our world. The great spiritual teacher, Emma Curtis Hopkins, said a practitioner’s job was to remind people of who they are – Spirit. We are all practitioners of this science … let us recognize the Truth of ourselves and each other, and celebrate our dreams!

Let this be a Year of a Million Dreams made manifest! I KNOW who you are!! And I’m Grateful for your Presence,

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


We are living in an infinite Field of creative potentiality. This Field is the Creative Energy of Life. It is within me and knows me as Itself.

Today I choose to not only exist in this Field, but be a conscious co-creative director of the Energy of Life. I choose to know that not only my dreams, but the dreams of all people are valuable and good. I use God’s language and say YES! Yes we are living in a peaceful world. Yes we are prosperous. Yes we are healthy in body, mind and emotions. Yes we are loved. Yes, our dreams of being authentic are now revealed.

I now give Infinite Intelligence permission to easily and effortlessly erase all that is unlike the pattern of our Divine Perfection. We know who we are. God in form.

This is good and very good, and I am eternally grateful. I release this word, knowing it is done. And so It is.