Saturday, September 29, 2012


I was called a mystic the other day.  My instant image of a mystic was one of a person who sits in meditation most of the time, someone who is mostly silent, yet when they speak, what they say is profound.  They have direct experiences of The Divine Presence.

That's not me -- yes I meditate and I spend much time in silence.  However, I love laughter.  I have an 11 year old's sense of humor.  Yet I seem to 'know' things without reflection, study or any logic involved.  People will call me about books they've read and are excited about, and as we talk, they say "Oh, you've read this book already."   No, I just know.  I also pay attention to my intuition.

I decided to look at what Ernest Holmes wrote about mystics.  First I went to the glossary of the Science of Mind:   under Mysticism ... Mystics -- two sentences jumped out at me:
"A mystic is one who intuitively senses Reality.
A mystic does not read human thought but senses the Thought of God."

In Chapter 20, What the Mystics Have Taught" he writes:
 "A mystic is one who intuitively perceives Truth and, without mental process, arrives at Spiritual Realization."

Reading this chapter, I began to understand we are all mystics.  How do we get there?   Holmes writes "... there should be a conscious courting of the Divine Presence."

What we learn through experience is all we can know about God, so a conscious courting of the Presence would bring about more divine experiences, which in turn would reinforce our awareness that  we really do live in a spiritual world.  We'd be grateful for absolutely everything, and we'd be able to Feel the Presence.

Living as a mystic would change everything.  We'd no longer have our stories of trauma and drama.  We'd no longer be in a place of judging ourselves or others.  We would only see the Highest Good in everything.

Are we courageous enough to live like that?  Perhaps for a moment.  Breathe. One moment becomes another.  It's time  The world is calling.

Affirmative Prayer:

Going within, I recognize the powerful Presence that is absolutely everywhere.  I feel this Divine Energy flowing around and through me.  It is manifesting Itself as my life.

I choose to consciously pay attention. I court the Presence.  I claim It as my own Self.  I acknowledge it in others.  I see It in animals, plants, the earth - all of Nature.  I am walking on holy ground.   I am breathing sacred air.  I am opening my heart and mind to having a love affair with The Divine.   As I do this, The Divine shows up in so many ways, letting me know how much I am loved.

Gratefully, I celebrate the mysticism of Life.  It colors all experiences with Light.  I am so grateful to be able to see the Light, and know that It is coming from within me as well as from every spot in the universe.  God is good.   And so It is.