Friday, February 08, 2008

Dear Ones,

In a recent CBC interview, Poet and activist Maya Angelou said “We are in the throes of finding out who we really are. How courageous we really are. How intelligent we really are.” Ms. Angelou was referring to the American people in regards to the upcoming elections … yet I see this as a more Universal Truth.

Regardless of appearances, in fact, because of them, we are waking up – globally and individually!

We’ve come to a point in our collective consciousness where we realize it is up to us to do the work we’ve wanted others to do for us. It’s up to us to take dominion. We’ve actually had dominion all along, and now we’re becoming conscious of it. As we choose to have dominion, we are choosing to live in the fullness of our Divinity.

Ok, just what does “Take dominion” mean? It means to take our Power back! Many people had given their power away to doctors, lawyers, the media, families, etc. They stopped thinking for themselves. Taking dominion means to stop being a follower and use the precious gift of Mind and use It consciously.

This definitely takes courage!! Ms. Angelou went to say “without courage you cannot practice any other virtue consistently. You cannot be consistently fair, kind, true or generous. I have the courage to do what I know I must do.”

The word courage has its roots in the Latin word for heart. Let’s open our hearts to the fullness of our Being, and recognize how courageous and intelligent we are!

Take dominion of our lives!


I celebrate the Divine Essence within me. I recognize the infinite intelligence of Divine Mind and the unconditional love of the Universal Heart. In this Presence I live and move and have my being. It is my Life.

Today I choose to take my power back from all the places I have given it away. I let go of what I think other people think or feel about me or how I am living my life. I choose to express the Divine with my heart, mind and body. I see It’s effects in all areas of my life. As I embrace more Spirit, I have more love, health, money and creativity. I am a well-spring of Good. My heart is courageous, my mind is strong, my Life is God’s life!!

Gratefully I celebrate all I AM, and all I am experiencing as I live a Divine Life. And so it is.