Saturday, May 22, 2010


The other night I watched a show on ABC called "What Would You Do?" There were many scenes of people getting harrassed by other people in front of observers.

One was an event in a restaurant, that was staged over and over again by actors during a weekend, where over 100 people witnessed a same sex couple being verbally abused, in front of their children, by a waiter. I was so dismayed to see that most people turned away, trying to pretend the event wasn't happening. Only 7 people stood up for them.

Another incident was a young man with Down's Syndrome, who was sacking people's groceries. Over and over again, people made rude, derogatory remarks knowing full well the young man could hear them. I stood up and cheered when an older black woman stared down two teenagers and told them: "He's someone's beloved child -- aren't you someone's beloved child?" The teens visibly shrunk under her look.

The show was painful to watch. It's hard to believe how cruel we can be. When the host of the show questioned people after each incident, most said "It was none of my business." Why have we become so afraid to get involved? If it was happening TO us, we'd want people to help. What happened to our compassion?

Today I did a christening ceremony in a back yard filled with friends and families. During lunch I watched the children. Each were having experiences of playful wonder and delight. I want them to keep that wonder and delight in life alive. One of these children could be the next president of the United States, a spiritual leader, a teacher, a policeman or ??? It came to me how important it is for us to model compassion to these young ones.

Not just for them, but for our world. We are all one. In the mystical Jewish tradition it is said "Kindness gives to another. Compassion knows no other. "


I recognize the Divine Presence in all. I let myself move into the center of my being, breathing in the Love that is everywhere. I let go of judgment, and open my compassionate heart. This is the heart of God.

I am here for my brothers and sisters. I do not refuse to see what is happening around me, as I know that what is happening to them is happening to me. I let my compassion guide me wisely. Love is the Divine Impulse to be actively conscious and mindful. I know we are here for each other, and I am honored to be able to participate in this life.

Gratefully I release all sense of victimization, and know the Truth is always revealed. I let go and let God be magnificent as each of us. And so it is.