Saturday, September 24, 2011

Celebrating 25 Years

25 years ago this Sunday (Sept. 25) the Center for Spiritual Living East Hawaii received it's church charter and I was installed as the pastor. I had started that Center nine months before with 5 people in my living room -- it was an idea who's time had come!

When I started classes in 1981 with Dr. Leo Fishbeck of the Glendale, California Center, I had no idea that a couple of years later I would move to Honolulu, HI to study with Rev. Helen Street. When I left, Dr. Leo called me his Pacific Missionary. I had no idea how prophetic that was. I didn't know I would not only start a Center on the Big Island, but pastor one in Vancouver, BC, start one in Langley, BC, and then move to Baltimore, MD to pastor another one!

If someone had told me that over the years I'd be traveling on a woman's pilgrimage with Rev. Edwene Gaines in Glastonbury, England, meditating in the Great Pyramid and having lunch with Mrs. Anwar Sadat in Egypt, having lunch and a private moment with the Dalai Lama in India, visiting Machu Picchu in Peru, attending the Parliament of World Religions in Barcelona, Spain, or being on a first class cruise, studying Joseph Campbell and visiting Greece,Turkey and Italy, I would have laughed. Not me!! Before I went to Hawaii, I'd never even flown in a plane!

If anyone had told me I would be known for my writing and my prayer work or that I would have prayer clients all over the world, I would have giggled!! Yet I have boxes of cards and letters thanking me for helping them facilitate their healing.

These are only a few things I've experienced because I decided to turn my life over to Spirit. Not in the way of letting go of my self, but of consciously becoming more aware of my Higher Self and choosing to express It.

People have said "You're so courageous." Maybe I am, yet I don't see it that way. I've come to the edge of Trust so many times and been afraid, yet have kept moving forward and been amazed at the results. I truly believe what I teach. There is an Infinitely Intelligent and Unconditionally Loving Presence absolutely everywhere - and I am constantly learning more about It and opening up to new levels of It. There is a bottom line Law that all the great masters taught - "It is done unto you as you believe." I believe God can be trusted.

What would your life be like if you always trusted?

I stand in eternal gratitude for all that has been, is now, and will be. I look forward to the next 25 years - Thank You God!


God in us, as us, is a mighty force for good. It is infinitely intelligent, and unconditionally loving. It is the Lifeforce that makes all things animate, and it is the energy that holds all things inanimate together.
Today I recognize The Divine as my 'life line' - people, places and events that have brought me to this moment. In this moment I honor all who have walked my Path with me, whether ahead, alongside or behind me - whether I have known them or not. We are all going home together .. home to a deeper understanding of the Truth of our being.

I honor all the places I have been. Each one has been God serving me in my growth. I know I have left each place better because I was there for a time.
I honor myself as well. I am the one walking the Path, co-creating my world. None of this would or could have happened without me. I celebrate my Self with joy and thanksgiving. I celebrate my choices. I see they have all been exactly what I needed to deepen my awareness.
I celebrate The Divine Within- knowing It is my true home. My life is God's Life, and I am making it a good one!! Gratefully, I release these words. And so it is.