Friday, March 27, 2009


I love my life! I am becoming more and more aware that everything I do is Sacred, no matter what I am doing. This past week, I dog-sat two darling puppies. One was a Yorkie and one was a Coton de Tulear.

One evening the Coton came to me and wanted to be picked up. Of course I complied, and as I sat holding her, I marveled at her soft, white fur. I breathed in and closed my eyes and suddenly was 8 years old, sitting in the washroom at Ramona Convent, hugging my only toy to my chest – a white stuffed dog. This dog was the most important thing in my life at that moment. It was the only familiar thing. I had been sent away to live at a girls school and was in a place of strangers. I didn’t know anyone. I wasn’t Catholic. I was an outsider.

Memory is amazing. As I relived a moment in time that happened 52 years ago, it was like I was right there. I could feel the cold white tile floor under me, and see the bathtub cubicles. I could hear the whisper of the nun’s habit on the polished wooden floors as she came down the hallway to check on me. I could hear myself crying, and I could feel the tightness of my muscles. I could feel my fear.

Dr. Holmes writes “…. Memory is an unconscious operation of what was once a conscious thought.”

Somewhere inside the vastness of me, I am still sitting in the washroom feeling alone and afraid. I wonder where this thought is active in my life now?

Dr. Holmes also writes that by changing our thoughts we can re-mold our affairs; and that by right thinking we can bring new conditions into our lives.

I can imagine that nun saying “Everything will be all right. You’ll do fine.” Did I believe her? Could I believe her? I don’t remember. However, I knew I could do something about it now. Going into meditation, I took that lonely little girl and her precious stuffed dog, and put them on my lap. I hugged her and infused her with all the love I could. I acknowledged all she had been through already in her short life, and shared some of the wonderful things she would experience as she grew up. I told her the nun was right. We turned out wonderfully.

All of us have memories of experiences that are still affecting us today. We can allow those memories to surface, gently and easily, and love ourselves through them. We can acknowledge our fears, change our thinking and trust the Divine. Doing this, we will revitalize our present time experiences and move forward with grace.


I recognize there is One Life – the Divine Life that is everywhere present, all knowing, all powerful. It is Creator and created. It is within us right here and now.

Knowing this I declare these words for us in the first person:

I am ready and willing to open my heart and live more authentically. All that is unnecessary to my highest good and greatest joy is now released. I am open to experience my Self and all the wonders of Life. I am filled with Divine Light and Love and there is nothing to stop me from being all I can be.

I am healthy in mind, body and emotions. My health radiates throughout my financial life, my work life and my relationships. I know this for myself and for everyone I meet. We have all turned out wonderfully as delightful expressions of this One Life.

Gratefully I release these words into the Law of Mind knowing they are already so and the Truth sets us free. And so It is.