Friday, February 02, 2007

25 years ago when I first started attending the Honolulu, HI, Church of Religious Science, I was struck by a long plaque that ran down the side wall. It read:

Be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind.

I soon realized this was what Religious Science was all about, and it is a statement that means more to me every year as I walk my Path.

It is so easy to become mesmerized by the world way of thinking. My recent health experience proved that to me. I originally hurt my back in a car accident in 1975. Every once in awhile I would do something that would make it flare up again. In 2001, when I was pulling weeds in my yard and ended up pulling out my back instead, I went to a chiropractor who told me I was in terrible shape, had a chronic condition and going to end up using a walker. I refused to accept that diagnosis and after a year of chiropractor visits and a lot of Spiritual Mind Treatment felt 100% better.

With this recent experience, I realized I had never let go of his “declaration” for me. The morning I had the appointment with a new chiropractor here in Langley, I stopped by the bank first. While painfully standing in line, not one but three different people came in using walkers. I’ve stood in that line every week for the past year and a half and have never seen even one person with a walker before! The old chiropractor’s words rang loudly in my head. I started rationalizing things. I thought, “Well, if that’s what is to be – I know I can handle it. At least they still have some mobility. Why, even if I had to be in a wheelchair, I could still get around.” I took a deep breath, and as I released it, I suddenly realized what I was doing – I was accepting being crippled!! I took another breath and consciously chose to release the fear I was holding onto, and then heard “There but for my consciousness go I.”

Thanks God! I immediately went into an argumentative type of Spiritual Mind Treatment, sending that part of my mind that likes to rationalize an acceptance-of- what-is-and-it’s-going-to-get-worse packing!!

A few moments later I was at my new chiropractor. When I told him what my old one had said, he responded “No way – it might take some time, but we’ll have you strong and flexible. I don’t see you having to use a walker.” Less than two months later, I am standing straight and tall, back strong and flexible!! The chiropractor’s amazed – and at my last visit he said “Well, keep up that ‘mind power’ you’re using –it’s working better than I expected!”

Be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind.

Where’s your mind been lately?

Grateful Blessings, Rev. Angelica


Gratefully I acknowledge the infinitely intelligent Divine Mind that I live in and that lives in me. The Divine has only my good in Mind. I am aligned in this good.

I now declare there is part of my Mind that acts as my silent witness, gently, easily and humorously nudging me when I am being mesmerized by the world way of thinking. I know what I think about predominantly manifests in my physical world. I now choose to think of Great Good for myself and all Life. God is my good, and manifests for me as health, wealth, creativity and love.

I celebrate knowing I can be transformed by the renewal of my mind. Daily I do my spiritual practices as a renewal process. Daily I am made again in the image and likeness of The Divine, and for this I am eternally grateful.

And so it is.