Friday, March 02, 2007

I’m fascinated with the appearances in our world of a major consciousness shift on one hand, and all the individual and planetary crap on the other.

Let me list just a few things I see at this time:
- The success of an independent film called “The Secret” making public ideas most of you readers have known for a while.
- A film about global warming winning an Oscar, bringing awareness for our personal responsibility for our planet.
- A woman and an African American running for President of the United States.

Part of me wants to jump up and down with joy for this outpicturing of the changes in the collective consciousness.

Yet, so many people I know are experiencing illness at the moment, especially colds, or the flu. Years ago, when I was first studying Religious Science, Dr. Leo Fishbeck, of the Glendale, California church, mentioned that colds are commonly known in metaphysics as confusion … and that could be true, but what he also saw them as is the outward expression of a birth of something that had been brewing in consciousness. He related it to when a baby is born and mucus has to be cleared.

So here we are, experiencing a birth of something that has been brewing in the collective unconscious. We are living in a renaissance period! This is so exciting …. What other great events are going to come with this birthing?

OK, some of you are going to ask “but what about the planetary crap?” -- the violence, the seeming addiction to trauma and drama that is outpicturing as well. Once again, I remind you, that as a new consciousness is born, the old fights to stay alive. We’ve all experienced this in our own lives .. and we’re watching it on a global scale. Yet, as metaphysicians, what do you want to focus on?

Personally I’m enjoying being a “midwife” to a new Reality .. aren’t you?


There is only One Life, that Life is God’s Life, and that Life is my Life.
How grateful I am to know this Truth. There is only the One, manifesting infinitely in a finite world. I am grateful to recognize my part of the Creative Principle of Life.

I know I create with my intention and attention. I now choose to be a conscious co-creator. I turn away from appearances of anything that is unlike Good, and focus on the beauty, the magnificence, the wonder of living Life at this time. I relish my role as midwife to harmony, abundance, joy, health, and inner peace. I celebrate all my relationships as I move through my day, knowing they are all good, all God.

Gratefully, I know the nature of God is eternal and unconditional Love. I am a bearer of this Love to all. I know Divine Love flows through all experiences, and events, regardless of appearances. God is good, and all is well in my world.

I release this Treatment, knowing the power of my words and the feelings behind them. And so It is.