Friday, December 11, 2009


The other morning I woke up thinking “Oh no, I’m homeless!!” Now I know this isn’t true, but it was an interesting feeling. You see, I’ve always thought of Hawai’i as “home.” I lived many wonderful years here, with family of choice and friends. But something is different this trip. I still have Beloveds here, but it no longer feels like ‘home’.

Langley has felt like ‘home’ as well, and I have Beloveds there -- but I’m only going to be there another few weeks. Baltimore will be home, but I’m not there yet. I felt like I was in limbo.

I wallowed in feelings of sadness and poor little ole homeless me …. and then I started laughing. I AM home. No matter where I am, the I AM within me is Home.

People talk about going home for the holidays – or wishing they could. This gave me a whole new perspective. I can’t go home, because I am always here. The longing to go home is not about a place but about Love.

Your heart is your home. Let it be free of condemnation, and let the Light shine brighter than it ever has before. God is Love, and this is where we reside, who we are, and what we express.

Welcome Home.


Gratefully I acknowledge The Presence within me and around me. This Presence is Love. I can feel this Presence as the Truth of my being. It is my Home.

I now let go of anything that is unlike Love. I am ready and willing to be Home not only to myself, but to all who come into my experience. Home is filled with Light, Joy, and celebration of the One Life I am living. Home is filled with Wisdom and Peace. All these things are ours by right of our Divine Birthright.

My heart swells with gratitude as I remember these things, and as I remember, a vibrational ripple of Home fills the Universe, and this is good, very good.

I release these words knowing they are so, and so It is.