Friday, February 25, 2011

Ready for Change

This Sunday, I join almost a thousand people arriving in San Diego to attend an historic meeting between the International and United Centers for Spiritual Living. After 57 years as two organizations we are integrating into a new organization - we are becoming One.

I've been hearing about this happening for the 25 years I've been a minister. We have prayed and talked and argued who was better, and prayed and talked some more, and finally the time has come.

Today I received this e-mail from Dr. Carol Carnes and share it with you:

I am in San Diego attending Board meetings prior to our very historic Integration conference when two organizations become one. It is rather like a wedding. The two “families”of the bride and groom have been planning and preparing the details for several years. Everything is ready for the big day when all the relatives will get to vote on the details of the “pre nuptial.” Like a real wedding, once we have agreed on the details and signed on the dotted line, the real work begins.

Getting there is exciting and fun and demands our attention and diligence. Being there is a whole other thing. Then we begin the deeper work of oneness, of real relationship, of letting go of old attachments and alliances, of being open to fresh new ways of togetherness. With real focus and intention very soon we will forget we were ever apart. It will seem as if it has always been “us” as one entity.

Like any couple starting out, a new venture has as bright a future as those involved are willing to create. It does not just happen. Nothing does, really. The turns of events in our lives are fashioned from the human mind, from what we deem to be possible, from who we believe ourselves to be and what we think we deserve. Most of all, our greater good requires us, in every case, to surrender our old ways of thinking, being and doing. If we are not renewed by shifts in consciousness, our lives will be repetitious and predictable, two elements which contribute to failed relationships.

Love will not keep us together but a shared vision and a willingness to work towards it every day will. May the happy couple live long and prosper.

Peace is ours now,
Dr.Carol Carnes

Last week I got an e-mail that the two Unity organizations are now talking about integration.

I see our organizational integration as part of a larger picture. I love looking at microcosm/macrocosm patterns. The actions in Egypt show us that integration is happening on a much larger scale. And thought it looks like various countries on our planet are not doing it so peacefully, there is still action towards the greater good for all.

We are living in exciting times!!

Where are you coming into integration in your life? If you feel out of balance, now is the time to jump into these cosmic energies and regroup! Scientists studying Chaos Theory, say that a small change at one place in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. Believe this!! As we butterflies flap our wings, we see the change we want in our world.


There is one infinitely intelligent Mind in this universe. It is the universe. It is the Source and substance of all there is. There is nothing but Divine Consciousness everywhere.

I am an expression of this Divine Mind. It is, and always has been, and always will be, working through me, according to what I feel and believe.

So today I stand proudly and say "I'm ready to participate in the Divine Marriage. I am an agent for change." The desires of my heart are for peaceful coexistence, and a celebration of everyone's gifts and talents. I believe this is happening now. I am excited to see this happening in my life and in the lives of those in my circle of influence. We are causing ripples in the Infinite Field of Creative Potentiality, which move out into our world, and change happens, and the manifestation is good.

I am so grateful to be living in these amazing times. I am grateful to be one who knows the Truth and stands in it proudly. I am grateful to know there is only One Life, that Life is God's Life, that Life is perfect, and that Life is the Life I am living now.

I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are done, and so It is.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I took a walk early this afternoon and was stopped in my tracks watching three hawks sailing in the upper winds. Absolutely beautiful against the blue sky. As they circled, one kept flying close enough above me that I could see his wing feathers clearly. I got out my iPhone to take a picture. He flew further away, and I called out "Come back, come back" and suddenly the air was filled with birds! In the upper levels were more hawks and some seagulls.. and the lower levels were hundreds of smaller birds all flying towards the northwest.

I was stunned. I watched as the hawks took chase. I turned away. I didn't want to see one of the smaller birds caught. Then I turned back, reminding myself "That's life. That's their reality. They can't live it according to my thoughts of how things should be."

I've realized that I really avoid what I think are negatives. I don't watch scary movies or the news. I don't read books about bad things happening to people. I stay away from constant complainers. I focus on beauty, and things that fill me with awe and wonder, and I laugh a lot. I love my life.

Yet, watching the hawks today made me curious - what am I missing by refusing to look at what I am judging as negative? There is beauty in every aspect of Life. If it's all God, then what part of God am I not allowing myself to see?

I'm beginning to think that having judgments freezes our openness to the Allness of God. Having judgments essentially means I think everyone should do things my way. I now accept that things just are the way they are. The only thing I can change is my reaction to them -- what I think about them or what value I put on them. And I'm still going to focus on beauty, and things that fill me with awe and wonder, and laugh a lot.


All there is is God. There is nothing else.

Knowing this, I declare I see with the eyes of God. I look at things in the most perfect and intelligent way. I open my heart and my mind to see what is Real. I now have a more complete perspective of the Divine Harmony that I know is back of every action and reaction.

As I realize this, I am filled with an unconditional love. It fills me up and spills out into my world. I see the microcosm and the macrocosm of Life and know that It is good, very good. It is all God.

Gratefully I release these words into the Law of Mind, letting them be deeply embodied within my subjective mind. And so It is.