Saturday, April 15, 2006

"There's an old saying: You can't have Easter without Good Friday. Many people today express the desire to have an open heart, a loving heart, a compassionate heart. Well, how do you open your heart? Usually, it's broken open. Jesus on the cross breaks your heart. He breaks it open. You can't look at the crucifixion without having an experience of compassion. Only a heart broken open — one that can have compassion for those who suffer — can truly appreciate the new life represented by Easter."

Sri Eknath Easwaran in Original Goodness

Most of us have experienced a broken heart – and some of us are still clinging to that brokenness as a precious wound … a medal to show we’ve been through the relationship wars. All we can think about is our wounds.

Sri Easwaran’s quote reminds us to go beyond those wounds, and realize we’re not the only ones with broken hearts. This is one of the common stories of humanity - a part of our spiritual evolution. The quote also reminds us to have compassion, and realize that on a much larger level, we are opening our hearts to experience a greater understanding of Eternal Life Itself.

Dr. Holmes writes in the Science of Mind: “The spiral of Life is upward, carries us forward, not backward. Eternal and progressive expansion is its law and there are no breaks in its continuity. It seems to me that our evolution is the result of an unfolding consciousness of that which already is, and needs but to be realized to become a fact of everyday life.”

This is Easter for me – understanding what I have crucified myself with and for, allowing myself to grieve it, being compassionate with myself, and letting it go. Easter is about coming to an understanding that my stories are a microcosm of the macrocosm of the collective consciousness. Again having compassion, and allowing all of us to rise above our wounds, knowing Life is an eternal gift, and that every wounding, every broken heart, is an opportunity to move forward on our individual evolutionary spirals, which in turn moves humanity forward.

What greater Love can one give than this?

Easter Blessings, Rev. Angelica


There is One Life, this Life is Divine Life, and this is the Life I am living. Divine Life is the life of all, moving in, through, and as us, right here and right now.

I celebrate this Life, knowing It is unconditionally loving.

Today I choose to use the energies of Easter to allow myself to be resurrected from all I have buried myself in. I let go of all thoughts of lack and limitation, disease or aloneness. I know who I am – Spirit in form!

I open my heart to feel compassion for my brothers and sisters as they move up their evolutionary spirals. I support them in knowing the Truth of their Being just as I know mine. I know we are all in this Life together – because there is only the One Life. My compassionate heart is open, and I love everything that is. My love warms and supports all it comes in contact with and more.

I celebrate Eternal Life, and am so grateful for being awake and aware to experience all Life has to offer. And so it is.