Monday, June 09, 2008

Our Thursday morning book group is working with Lynn Grabhorn's "Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting." This sentence jumped out at me yesterday:

"I don't need conditions to change to be happy."

At various times in my life, I've spent time in the land of "if only" …and I'll bet you have too. If only I could loose weight. If only I could find a better job. If only I'd win the lottery. If only my mate was different. If only it wasn't raining. Those statements are filled with the feeling that everything would be better in our lives or we'd be happy .. if only.

Truth be told, I spent a bit of time in the land of "If only I'd lose weight my clothes would fit better" last Sunday. I ended up getting more and more frustrated as I tried on one thing after another. That is not the way I want to start my sacred service on a Sunday morning! I was able to breathe my way out of it. And what a freeing feeling to read "I don't need conditions to change to be happy." My weight is a condition – granted it is a condition of my consciousness – and that's another article all together – but it is not WHO I AM. Disease is a condition – not who we are. Money, jobs, mates, etc., are all conditions – they are what we are experiencing –not who we are!!

Who we are is intrinsically happy – who we are is an expression of The Divine. As Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, French Jesuit priest, paleontologist and philosopher said "Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God."

A wonderful thing is – as we allow ourselves to be happy regardless of conditions – the conditions change. They come into alignment with the Truth of our Being. And this is a very good thing!


I recognize the Perfection of the Universe. It is Joy in its purest form. It fills me up and moves through me with grace and ease. It is my life.

Today I release all feelings of unease around the conditions of my life. I only know Joy. I open my heart to celebrate this Joy and share it with everyone I meet. I feel it flowing through every atom of my being.

As it does, my body is made whole, my relationships are more loving, my work is soul-satisfying and my financial life is fulfilling. Regardless of the conditions surrounding me, Joy is my true nature. I am happy and at ease.

Gratefully I release these words into the Law of Mind knowing they are already so. And so It is.