Friday, July 31, 2009

Never surrender consciousness to circumstances.

When Wendy Craig-Purcell, author of "Ask Yourself This: Questions to Open the Heart, Expand the Mind and Awaken the Soul," used this statement as her status line on FaceBook one day, it caught my mind and wouldn’t let go!

It reminded me of a story from my time in Hawai’i. I had a wonderful dog named Hobbs. He traveled with me from Los Angeles and went through quarantine. I had heard Hawai’i had a terrible flea problem so Hobbs and I made an agreement. He would not get fleas!!

I lived for awhile with a friend who was going to university to be an organic chemist. He used to sit with Hobbs every night and examine his fur. I finally asked him what he was looking for – and he said “Fleas.” I told him about my agreement with Hobbs and he laughed at me. “All dogs have fleas!” he said “you can’t stop that, especially in Hawai’i!” and went back to examining his fur.

I got nervous since I knew that what you look for you will find, so after class one night, I told my teacher, Rev. Helen Street, what was happening and what I was afraid of. She hugged me and said “Don’t worry honey, the trained mind is the dominant mind,” and walked away.

I was in Science of Mind 300, studying to be a practitioner, and knew I was going to be a minister, so I figured I had a trained mind. I went home, reminded Hobbs (and myself) of our agreement, told my friend he could look all he wanted, but he would never find anything. Sure enough, Hobbs never did have any fleas. Even my Vet had a hard time believing it!!

What does this story have to do with us today? Many of us are experiencing the effects of circumstances in the world. We have surrendered our consciousness to facts not Truth. We have surrendered our consciousness to fear.

Ernest Holmes writes: “Begin to act from your dominion. Declare the Truth by telling yourself there is nothing to be afraid of, that you no longer entertain any images of fear.”

Our Truth is God is all there is. God is both Love and Law. The Law will attract to us whatever we focus on. Let’s stop focusing on fear and focus on Love.


There is only One Mind – God’s. This is the mind I am using. In this mind is everything I need to live the One Life – God’s Life.

Knowing this One Mind works through Law, I now declare that I let go of the world’s facts, and remember I am co-creating this life. No longer do I need to conform to the world ways of thinking. I have no need to surrender my consciousness to circumstances. I am no longer afraid.

I choose to experience a good life. I know Divine Mind is Infinitely Intelligent and knows what this means to me, and therefore attracts to me all that is necessary for the fulfillment of my good. I stand open hearted, open minded, and with open arms, ready to receive. I surrender to my highest good and greatest joy!

With a grateful heart I release these words, knowing they are embodied deeply in my subjective mind. I experience the All Good with grace. And so it is.