Saturday, November 17, 2012

Yes, it can be this easy!

Have you ever attended a workshop or a class where the facilitator had you write down your desires for the next year or two, then put them in an envelope and address it to yourself… saying that it would be mailed to you in a certain amount of time?

I’ve written many of those lists over the years.  I got one in the mail the other day from a practitioner seminar I went to when I first came to Baltimore, almost 3 years ago … and the best part is, 5 out of the 6 items I manifested!!

When I wrote that list, I didn’t give it any energy.  It was just part of the workshop.  Some of the things seemed possible, some didn’t.  Yet, I am now living in a beautiful townhome, have been on a Mediterranean cruise, done lots of writing, the church is in a new space and is growing, etc.   As I look back and see how these things came through, it seems as if they all happened pretty smoothly.  Truth is, I wrote them on that list and forgot about them.  I didn’t hold on to the ideas or focus on them. I just spoke (wrote) my word, and let it go. 

Yes, it can be this easy!  All we have to do is remember that we’ve placed ‘our order’ with the Universe and let the Universe do the work It knows so well how to do.  When we place an order in a restaurant, we don’t worry about how the food is going to get prepared and to our table. We just place the order, and go about enjoying our lives. In the restaurant, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not, we’re trusting.

Place the order, trust & relax – all will be well.

(And item #6 -- I know my right and perfect car is coming just as easily!)


We live in a field of infinite potentiality.  This field is Divine Energy.  It is the same energy that is the life force that animates everything, from us to the smallest atom. This Source Energy, not only is all things, It sustains all things.

I now let myself be bold in my intentions.  I place my order with the Universe knowing that all the power of the Universe is contained in my words.  I declare I have attained and maintain the consciousness of whatever it is my heart desires – whether it is for a quality of being or a material item.   As I place my order, I relax and let go.  I trust that Universal Intelligence within me knows exactly how do attract that which I desire.  I trust God.

How grateful I am to be able to do this, and with such ease and grace.  I am open to receive all of life’s blessings, and in turn, am a blessing to my world.

I release these words into Spiritual Law, knowing they are so – and so It is.