Friday, September 03, 2010


I moved into my apartment last February, painted it the colors I love, attracted all kinds of wonderful furniture and started to settle into my new home.

Two months later, 4 adults and 2 children moved in upstairs. My wonderfully peaceful home became full of noise - footsteps, TV, kids playing, people talking, doors slamming, telephones ringing. One night I woke up in a fright as I could hear someone in my closet! After turning on the lights, I realized the noise was from someone hanging up their clothes in the apartment upstairs!

I haven't lived in an apartment for years, and when I rented the one I did, upstairs noise wasn't even in my consciousness. It certainly is now!

I decided to start looking for a townhome to rent. I found one that was fantastic, good area, wonderful view, lots of space, etc. I went to the management office of the complex I live in to see how to break my lease so I could move. Whoa - lots of paperwork and a huge "breaking the lease fee" as well as being responsible for the rent until this apartment is rented again.

They offered me the opportunity to move to another unit on one of the top floors - yet even that was another pile of paperwork, a large "transferring" fee, and having to sign another year's lease.

As I walked back from the management office, I realized two things - one, I will never rent from a corporation again, and two - I've got to love what I have, and quit bemoaning what I don't have! My lease is up in 5 months - those months will fly by, and the most perfect townhome will be ready for me.

That afternoon, I read Marci Shimoff's recent e-newsletter, which was all about this same thing!! She started with a statement by American Zen teacher Adyashanti:

"The key to happiness is wanting what you have
and not wanting what you don't have."

I just love it when the Universe affirms an ah-ha I've had!!

I realized my being obsessed with the noise upstairs obliterated my happiness with my apartment. Everything became centered on "when I find my new home." I'd even become envious of others people's homes.

I am going to want what I have. This doesn't mean that I don't want to better my circumstances. I will when the time is right. Right now I accept what is and I am going to focus on what I like about my apartment. I'm reclaiming my happiness. Will that stop the noise from upstairs - probably not, yet I will be so busy appreciating what I have in this moment, I won't be fixated on it. And that brings back my peace.

What are you wanting that you don't have? Have you become obsessed with it like I did? Are you missing the good that is right at hand now?? Let's all take a deep breath and want what we have.


In my conscious recognition of the unity of all things, I remember who I am. Spirit in form. I remember that Spirit is absolutely everywhere and in everything.

I am so grateful for Infinite Intelligence within me, that constantly brings me back to Center. I choose now to pay more attention to It, instead of being distracted by the things of the world. I know now, that nothing can shake me off Center -- I can think I am out of balance, and it will show up in my life, yet within me, there is always that Powerful Presence that is perfectly aligned with everything that I am, and everything It is.

I choose now to love what I have. I choose to be at peace with my world just the way it is. I do not need to judge anything. I do not need to change anything. I can if I want, but I am no longer run by need. I am run by Love, in Love, with Love.

I am so grateful to know these Principles and use them. I am so grateful to be able to speak my word into the Law knowing the Law works. I celebrate loving what I have.

And so it is.