Friday, January 18, 2013

Alive in the Universe's Museum of Beauty

“Life is a passage through a museum of beauty.” Robert Geen, Artist

I read this quote in Geen's Twice-Weekly newsletter today, and it made me remember a visit to the Philadelphia Art Museum many years ago. I wandered the galleries in amazement of the talent and in awe of the beauty captured on the canvases. Then I came to a room where the paintings were dark and horrifying. I didn't want to stay in that room, yet even tho the subject matter was gruesome, it was terrifyingly beautiful.

This made me think of other things I don't like looking at, whether they be films with murder and mayhem, the news, or even my own pain. Can I now choose to see it all as rooms in the Universe's Museum of Beauty? I still get to choose which galleries to walk in, and how to react when I'm in the one's I've judged fearful. Perhaps I will stop avoiding various parts of life, and see that all of it is art. Perhaps I'll remember I'm the one holding the brushes.

How about you?


Consciously bringing myself to the place within me where all is still, I remember The Core of my being is Life and Beauty. I celebrate my conscious awareness of The Artist that has created all, including me.

I now choose to walk through that part of the Universe's Museum of Beauty that is my expression of Life. I realize that everything I see, whether I have judged it negative or positive, is important. As I bring Light into the spaces I find that, yes, everything is beautiful in its own way. In seeing the beauty, I am healed of the pain of my past and relieved of my emotional attachments. I am now able to be even more in the present moment, full of grace.

How grateful I am to have these realizations. How grateful I am to be walking this Path called Life.
I release these words into spiritual Law, knowing they are so. And so it is.