Friday, August 03, 2012

Find me one person who is for something ....

Lately, as I've read about politics, chicken sandwiches, banks, and all the "they did this"finger pointing, I keep thinking of what Ernest Holmes said in his famous "Sermon by the Sea" speech:

"Find me one person who is for something and against nothing, who is redeemed enough not to condemn others out of the burden of his soul, and I will find another savior, another Jesus, and an exalted human being."

How do I become that person? What comes to me is one of don Miguel Ruiz' Four Agreements

"Don't take anything personally."

I know this is hard to do, especially when it seems like we're the ones that others are against ...
however, one of the things I learned from Emma Curtis Hopkins is that everyone is always doing what they think is right, and we live in a country where they have the right to do that.

Perhaps we have to let go of fearing that the ones speaking the loudest, or who have the most money, will make us think a certain way. That's impossible. No one can make us believe anything unless we let them.

Perhaps we're afraid that if we don't fight, the world will change in ways we don't want it to. The world will change whether we fight or not - that's the only constant here - and we may or may not like the way it changes. 

Each of us must do what's right in our hearts. I'm hoping that we're growing in conscious so we don't try to fight fire with fire -- indeed - I don't want us to fight at all. I want us to stand in the Truth of our being - To know in our heart of hearts what's right for us, and to move toward it in ways that are peaceful.

"This country has a fantastic destiny. I still say to people, “What is the meaning of USA?” It’s not United States of America. It’s ultimate state of awareness." - Her Holiness Sai Maa


There is That Within Us that is always working for the greater good for all. I choose to believe this is True, and I open myself to be a conscious vehicle for it. I know Love is the greatest healing agent in the universe, so I let go of fear, of hate, of resentment, etc., and just Love.

I declare that everything is happening for our highest good. I don't necessarily know what that looks like, but I am willing to be a part of it. I start by being conscious of how I am treating people, whether or not I am giving them safe passage through my mind.

I celebrate the Divine always, in all ways, and in all people. How grateful I am that I can do this.

I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are done, and so it is.