Friday, January 09, 2009

Dreams Bring Responsibilities

Last Sunday I watched “Brothers and Sisters” on television. I can’t remember much of the show, because at one point, one of the brothers said something that kept rattling around in my mind – and here it is:

“Dreams bring responsibilities”

I started thinking about the dreams I have – ie: having books published, being debt-free, being my perfect weight, travelling the world, etc.. I thought about how long I have had some of these dreams. I’ve done some of each of them, but not to the extent I want. I wonder if the idea of the responsibilities involved has slowed me down.

Dreams manifested not only bring responsibilities with them, but also change. Taking responsibility means I have to do it myself, no one can do it for me. I have to change something about myself to attract all that is necessary to the fulfillment of my desire. Responsibility also means being accountable.

Responsibility seems like such a heavy word – sometimes I feel like Scarlett O’Hara – “I’ll think of that tomorrow ... after all, tomorrow is another day.” The problem is – tomorrow never comes!

However, if I look at this from a metaphysical point of view – responsibility means my ability to respond. I firmly believe that the dreams we have are Divine Ideas wanting to come into manifestation. (I was going to add “by means of us” however, you have probably experienced, as I have, having a dream, yet procrastinating, and then seeing it manifest through someone else.) I now believe Dreams will manifest themselves through who ever is willing to respond to them. In this case, taking responsibility is responding to the Divine Idea with Yes. Once we say YES – it moves out of the realm of wishing and hoping into the arena of intention. The intention then activates the Law of Attraction, which uses our imagination, our beliefs and thoughts to bring it into form.

Yes, dreams bring responsibilities – how are you responding to yours?


Life lies open everywhere around and within me. It’s giving nature is infinitely intelligent and unconditionally loving. My beliefs open my mind, my heart and my arms to the abundance of the Universe. My mind is abundantly filled with Divine Ideas. My heart is abundantly filled with Divine Love. My Life is a delightful expression of the One Life, and this is good.

Every where I turn, in every arena of my life, is Divine Potential. I now choose to respond to those Divine Ideas that keep returning. I am open and willing to be the vehicle for these Ideas to be made manifest by means of me. I know as I say YES, the whole Universe responds. I relax and trust because I know the responsibility for setting the Law in motion is mine, and the responsibility for making It work is inherent in the Law.

Gratefully I rejoice in being one who knows this Truth, and let go and let The Divine do It’s perfect work. And so It is.