Friday, June 17, 2011

Notes from my Cruise

Notes from my cruise:

One morning, while saving our table by the window for breakfast on the ship, I sat watching the ocean. Around me swirled the sounds of different languages. It was an experience of multiplicity in unity. The calm, everywhere presentness of the ocean, with the diversity of communication.

For a moment I saw the ocean as The Divine, and the sounds as all of Its expressions, and even though I couldn't understand much of what was being said, everything was in harmony.

Life can be like this. No matter what is going on around us, we can be in harmony. It's about consciousness.

One afternoon I stood at the aft of the ship, and watched the trail we left in the water. It seemed to stretch back into infinity. I thought about how everything we do leaves a trail like that -- an energetic trail. A trail that makes a difference.

The ship is continually moving, and one evening, while in the elevator, I had the oddest feeling of being on a space ship. Shades of Star Trek! It was very easy to imagine the elevator doors opening and I would be on the holodeck. Going to the theater on the ship was a lot like that. Every night was a different experience - one night we were at a Broadway theater, one night at a Jazz Club, one night at Circe-du-Solei. This experience made me remember that we're making it all up as we go along - and it is very nice to have made up such a first class experience!

What are you making up?? What trail are you leaving? Are you in harmony with it?

As you move through your space, remember thoughts become things, and it's our responsibility to keep our minds working for the highest good for all. We are co-creating this life. We're the one's assigning value and meaning. We're the ones leaving a legacy that will stretch back into infinity and beyond. Let's choose to do this well!


There is One Infinite Energy that is the Source and substance of all -- It is Life Itself. It moves upon Itself as Love and becomes physically manifest through the Law of Mind. It became me and lives in, as, and through me.

This Energy is everywhere present. It is in all areas of my life. As I think, the Law of Attraction is activated and I draw to me all I need to experience my own divinity. I choose to think responsibly, and creatively. I enjoy Life as It expresses as me. I am in harmony with It. I know that what I do makes a difference for many others, without my even being aware of it, so I pay attention.

All there is, is God, and It is done unto me as I believe. I am so grateful to know these Principles and to be able to use them consciously. I am so grateful to be alive at this time, in this space on this ocean of The Divine. And so it is.