Friday, April 13, 2007

While driving today, Angelaya and I were sharing license plate stories and I share some with you:

A friend told me a story of feeling really depressed and not wanting to go do errands, but knew she had to. There was a story going on in her mind she couldn’t let go of - it just kept repeating and repeating. She banged her fist on the steering wheel and yelled “How can I stop this?” and pulled up behind a car with the license plate “LAUGH.”

Angelaya told me of a time when she & Leonard weren’t happy living where they were living. She asked Leonard “I wonder when we’re going to be able to move?” Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a license plate that read ANYDAYNOW.

Years ago I was treating for new car. I saw a white convertible Mercedes with red leather interior in a car show and fell in love. I had my camera with me, took a picture and when I got the picture developed, I erased the license plate and wrote “Yea God.” I put the picture on my treasure map. About 6 months later it seemed nothing was manifesting at all in my life, and as I was walking downtown Honolulu on an errand, I was beginning to think I was kidding myself about being able to demonstrate. Just as I was really getting into complaining mode, a white convertible Mercedes with red leather interior drove by – and yes, you’ve got it – the license plate read “Yea God!” I DID manifest that car – even though it wasn’t mine J

I’m sure you have a few of these stories yourself. Have you ever considered they might be what I call ISM’s (Instant Spirit Messages)? I believe we’re getting them all the time – we haven’t noticed. Perhaps your ISM’s come to you as a sentence in a magazine, newspaper or book; or through a snippet of conversation as you pass someone or on the radio or TV. Maybe on a billboard, or a scrap of paper that lands at your feet while walking. Infinite Intelligence will get our attention any way It can!! Be open to receive! Just one more reason to stay conscious.

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


There is only One Mind – Divine Mind. It is infinitely intelligent. It is the Source of all thought and is thinking in, through, and as me all the time. As It does It responds to me with Love.

I now choose to be open to seeing and experiencing the Universe’s ISM’s. I do not need to spend time in fear or worry. I choose to trust that all the answers are at hand, instantly. Spirit is for me not against me, and is unconditionally loving me at every moment. I trust that I will know what I need to know at every moment.

I gratefully celebrate my awareness of Spirit’s constant communication with me. I delight in receiving Instant Spirit Message’s!

And so It is.