Friday, July 16, 2010

Pray for Change

My neck and back had been hurting lately, and I visited my chiropractor. He suggested that since I use a laptop, the screen is in the wrong position. He advised me to put the computer up on phone books, and get a new keyboard.

(Did you know that the proper height for your computer screen is for the top of the screen to be at eye level?)

So off I went to Staples and came home with a bells and whistles ergonomic keyboard. Now I've been typing for over 45 years (OMG! How can that be!) and I am quite fast. This new keyboard, however, is quite a learning curve. OpenOffice Writer puts a squiggly red line underneath the misspelled words, and sometimes my documents look like a sea of red!! Thank goodness it does so I can correct things before sending them out.

Then I started thinking -- what if we had a program where our negative words showed up in red before they got out our mouths? It could be a movable program. First it would work in the middle of the path from our brains to our mouths, and then when we were used to it, it would move into the space before the thoughts that become words. Soon we wouldn't have any negative thoughts at all!!

Oh wait - we do have a "program" like that! It's called Spiritual Mind Treatment or Affirmative Prayer! All we have to do is set it in motion and let it do its work! Of course, even SMT has a learning curve -- and the only way to learn is to DO IT.

And just like my new keyboard, the more I use it, the more familiar I become with it, and the easier it is to use.


There is only one Power - one Presence - One Life. A Divine Energy that is the Source and substance of all things. It is within me, and is activated by my thoughts and feelings.

I now declare with Love: I am ready and willing to release any thoughts and feelings that created behaviors that no longer serve me. From this moment on, I expand my consciousness to a new idea of who I am - Spirit in form. I am a divine expression of love, health, wealth and creativity made manifest. All the "programs" within me are facilitating a higher good.

I am grateful to be able to choose this. I am grateful for these teachings. I celebrate Life!!

I release these word into the Law of Mind, knowing they are so now. And so it is.