Friday, November 01, 2013

I honor you as the Saint that you are!!

I love using religious holidays in my own way – doesn’t matter what religion it is.  Anything that helps me deepen my awareness of my connection with the Divine is wonderful!

Today is All Saints Day, an old feast day in the Catholic calendar celebrating all the saints, known and unknown. Christians had a tradition of celebrating the martyrdom of saints on the anniversary of their death, however, when martyrdoms increased during the persecutions of the late Roman Empire, local dioceses instituted a common feast day in order to ensure that all martyrs were properly honored.

Matthew Fox writes in Confessions "I am reminded of the biblical use of the term saint in the book of Acts. That it applies to each of us. All who are attempting to imitate the Christ in their lives merit the title of 'saint.' Some do it more fully than others and are willing to let go of more to get the job done."

To me, the word “saint” denotes someone who deserves reverent recognition. I agree with Matthew Fox - all of us are saints.  Most of us have played our martyr games, and died to our old life and been reborn.  How many of us recognize that the spiritual work we’re doing on ourselves, or for our world (ie: prayers for peace, etc.) deserves reverent recognition – especially from ourselves!?

If we’re not doing what we think we should be doing spiritually (like meditating or praying daily, doing selfless services, etc.) let’s let go of feeling guilty and be grateful we do what we do. 

I honor you as the Saint that you are!!


Love points the way and Law makes the way possible. Love and Law are two aspects of The Divine - that unconditionally loving, infinitely intelligent Presence that is the Source of all things - that permeates all things.

Love and Law are at work in me now as I speak this word:

I declare I am ready and willing to experience my divinity right now. I am ready and willing to KNOW my True Self - God in form. I now acknowledge all I have the work I have done to get to this place in my spiritual evolution.  I use this awareness to serve my world with love and gratitude.

As I declare these things, Infinite Intelligence goes before me preparing the way that Love has pointed out through me. With a grateful heart, I release these words, knowing they are already done. And so it is.

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