Friday, May 06, 2011


There's been a lot of talk about the recent events in the Middle East. The perpetrator of the USA's 9/11 experience has been killed. People rejoiced, and people got mad because of the rejoicing. Conspiracy factions got busy posting reports that the man's been dead for years, or isn't dead at all, and morality factions are either decrying the way it was done or saying it's about time.

I've been silent except for a Facebook status line saying I felt sad because of the rejoicing.
I'm one that picks up bugs and puts them outside. I have a hard time with the idea of ending life.

And yet - spiritually, life never ends - it just transforms into something else. What it transforms into we don't know, nor do we know what happens after we leave these bodies. We have ideas and beliefs, and I think we'll experience those beliefs to a certain degree after bodily death.

What I do know, is that the experience that everyone's getting excited about, has already happened, and we can't do anything about it. We can check in with how we feel, and if there's something we are led to do, then we can do it, otherwise we need to stop complaining or allowing ourselves to get scared and get on with our lives instead.

Martha Beck sent this piece this morning in her "Daily Coach Tips" ...

Holding on to anything as it is in this moment is the equivalent of hoarding. Let everything change - it does anyway.

What are we hoarding emotionally? Anger, resentment, envy -- what ever it is, it boils down to fear. Why hoard fear? There is nothing constant in this Universe except God. The way It expresses through the physical world is constantly changing - constantly transforming - we might as well go with it.

I'm so grateful we have the teachings of the Science of Mind, so that while things are changing around us we can still live in peace - using the energy of change to co-create a world that works for everyone!

And now to totally change the subject:

There is that within me that is the Divine Mother. It celebrates my life, as It is the cause and the source of my life, and lives through me, as me. It is unconditional Love. This Love is always giving Itself to me.

I now say YES to this Love. I feel it deep within my being, and allow myself to experience It without any conditions. I am the Beloved, loved beyond measure. I accept this. It is my Truth.

This Love fills me with the strength and courage to live my life magnificently. It constantly reminds me I have nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be ashamed of. I am the child of Love made manifest, and this is good, very good.

I am so grateful for embodying the consciousness of Divine Love. I celebrate the Divine Mother with joy. And so it is.