Friday, October 13, 2006

Whoo Hoo – Friday the 13th !! So what does that conjure up for you? I used to think I had to be really careful on this day as it was a day where all sorts of mishaps could happen. I know I’m not alone - that belief is in the collective consciousness of the western world.

On one of my long drives on my holiday, I listened to the book Ishmael written by Daniel Quinn. I loved it – it starts out with an ad "Teacher seeks pupil, must have an earnest desire to save the world". Quinn has his ‘teacher’, who happens to be a silverback gorilla, teaching his pupil about the basic myths we have created to live by. Knowing we are the writers of the current mythology, this made me start looking at the myths in the collective consciousness I had accepted in my life.

Friday the 13th used to be one of those myths. As I go deeper into awareness of our basic Law: “It is done unto us as we believe” I realize how important it is for us to constantly re-evaluate what we believe, where we got the belief, and whether it still serves us.

Think about this, if I buy into a myth that tells me if I walk under a ladder, or a black cat crosses my path, I will have bad luck, that myth becomes a law for me, and I have to honour that law or suffer the consequences.

This is the same with all generally accepted myths – here’s a few negative ones: We can only leave this body by getting ill; We are never good enough; Love hurts; Life is a struggle; Aging is bad. We are being bombarded with a number of myths on a daily basis though the media and daily conversations. If we accept these as part of our personal mythology, we have to live by them.

How grateful I am to have this wonderful philosophy to work with! I know I can choose what mythology to live by, indeed I can create a new myth moment by moment. Today I choose this one:

“I live in complete confidence that I am on the pathway of endless unfoldment, walking in the Light of infinite Wisdom.”

Dr. Ernest Holmes – 365 Science of Mind

Grateful Blessings, Rev. Angelica


There is only One Life, that Life is God’s Life, and that Life is my life now. How grateful I am to know this Truth. I celebrate the Oneness!

This One Life responds to my thoughts and feelings through Law with ease and grace. I am the one making up the laws. I contemplate the mythology, the story of my life, that I have lived by up until now, and allow myself to accept a new story in the areas that no longer serve me.

I now declare that my new story is about health, wealth, creativity and love. And on a deeper level my story is about living the Divine Life with joy. I settle into my Spirit with complete confidence and trust, knowing that my desire is for the highest good and the greatest joy for myself and all others.

Gratefully I surrender to my new mythology. This is a Divine Story and it is a good one! And so it is.

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