Friday, January 23, 2015

You Were Born Rich

"How comfortable it makes us feel to have a good fat checking account, an account big enough to draw on in emergencies without impoverishing us when it comes to paying for our ordinary needs.  Let us talk about another kind of account which is equally important.  We are calling it our spiritual bank account because we believe there are real spiritual forces that we can draw on and deposit in our own minds and which can be used in any emergency, in any stress or strain of life."                                                         Ernest Holmes  ~ Living the Science of Mind

Oh yes, how comfortable it feels to have a good fat checking account.  Even If we have a stack of bills to pay, for a moment we can pause and feel the delight of having money!

Imagine getting a monthly ‘bank statement” from the Universe.  It would have unlimited funds in the deposit column and the withdrawal column would have a list of our thoughts and feelings. 

Dr. Holmes wrote in the Science of Mind something about the only thing we have to pay is Spiritual Coin. What is Spiritual Coin you ask?  I believe it is the time and effort spent consistently re-evaluating our current thoughts and implanting new ones. It is examining our feelings around our desires and fears, and working to express or release them.  It’s living our lives with compassion and gratitude.

Imagine the deposit column showing moment by moment deposits of Love.  How comfortable we’d feel!  I believe this is the Truth.  Love is always filling us up, urging us from within to use it wisely, yet share it freely! 

You were born rich!

Affirmative Prayer

The Universe is a generous giver, indeed that is Its purpose.  To give to Itself through us at the level of our belief.

 I now choose to believe I am a great receiver. I am a channel for good to come into the world.  Whether it be love or money, or love and money, my heart, mind and arms are open and I receive with grace and give with joy.

I am so grateful for all I have ever had, all I have now, and all that is coming to me.  Life is so good and I am comfortable!  And so it is.

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