Friday, November 24, 2006


The other night in our onLine SOM 101 class we were discussing intuition and how important it is.
This morning I opened my 365 Science of Mind daily book by Ernest Holmes and read:
Before they call I will answer; and while they are yet speaking I will hear.
Isaiah 65:24
Dr. Alexia Carrol tells us that intuition is not a product of the intellect, nor is it something that is developed in the process of our evolution. It is, then, a thing in itself. That which is instinct in the animal, blindly, unerringly leading it to food, water, and shelter, becomes intuition in humanity, consciously perceived. Instinct is intuition acting unconsciously; intuition is instinct elevated to the point of self-awareness. They are identical. Intuition is Omniscience acting omnipresently; therefore, whether or not we believe it, it is ever present with us.
Today, I know that intuition, which is the presence of the Divine Mind in me, will guide me aright. It will set me on the path of right action,. It will direct my footsteps. It will counsel my mind. Today I am aware that there is a light that dispels ignorance, fear, superstition, and doubt, and sets me, safe and sane, on the pathway of Truth.
The mind that we discover within us is the Mind that governs everything.
SOM p. 34
Many of us discount our intuitive flashes because we’ve been taught to, yet I believe it is one of the most powerful tools in our spiritual toolbox. I also know that even if we have discounted it up until now, we all have a story of how our intuition “saved” us in some way, so at some level we know It is always with us whether we consciously recognize it or not.
I’ve always felt our intuition is like a communication device between the Infinite and the finite – it enables us to be able to hear Spirit in a way that we will understand it. It speaks our particular language and in our voice. Intuition is Omniscience acting omnipresently through us!!
Thank you Spirit in me, as me. I now consciously choose to be still and pay attention!!
Blessings, Rev. Angelica
Gratefully I open my heart and mind to the awesome experience of The Divine. I know Spirit is everywhere – infinitely intelligent and unconditionally loving. I now consciously claim my awareness of Spirit in me as me.
As I do this, I open myself to my intuition, acknowledging It as an active part of Divine Mind in me. To do this, I breathe deeply and let go of the busyness of my life. I allow myself to become still and listen. I hear the Loving Voice within me, guiding me each step I take. I am so grateful I am choosing to pay attention!
There is only One Life, that Life is Divine Life, and that Life is my Life now. For this I am eternally grateful. And so it is.