Friday, November 13, 2009

F. E. A. R.

Whoo Hoo! Friday the 13th! Started out with huge hail storm and a tree falling over in my neighbours back yard. Now, if I was superstitious, which I’m not (well, most of the time) or living in ancient times – these two experiences together could possibly be a disastrous omen.

It’s that ole fear of the unknown and constant search for meaning.

Rev. Shelly Downs of the Tree of Life Center in La Crescenta, California, posted this on her FB status:

“F.E.A.R. Many have heard this is an acronym for "False Evidence Appears Real"..... I have changed the focus a bit to be "Feeling Excited And Ready". For truly, what do we have to fear, when we are One with God?”

I love this!! We are so used to the feeling of fear that I’ll bet we mistake excitement for fear many times over. For instance – you’re getting ready to go on stage – you know your lines – you love acting – yet there’s that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Your mind says “Stage Fright” and you might flub a line. What if it was really excitement?

Or – You’ve been asked to go out with a new person for the first time – again you have that feeling in your stomach. Your mind says “What if he/she isn’t right for you?” and follows it up with the litany of sorrows from past dates or relationships. You might not go and miss something wonderful!! What if it was really excitement?

Or – you’ve applied for a new job, and you feel that feeling again. Your mind interprets it as “what if I don’t get it” and gives a multitude of reasons why. What if it is really excitement!

What if we had identified the feeling we were feeling in these examples as “Feeling Excited And Ready?!” How would that change the course of events?

Ernest Holmes writes: “In principle and in potential we are immersed in good for we are in the Mind of God. But we have freedom, or volition, to create in our own experience, out of the possibilities of life with which we have been endowed, the prerogative of heaven or hell. So we need to shake ourselves loose from the tyranny of fear and superstition and isolation and the emotional traditions.”

The Science of Mind (and many other faith traditions) teach: All there is, is God. When we truly embody this, we know there is nothing to be afraid of. Next time you feeling those feelings ask yourself “Am I really afraid, or am I Feeling Excited and Ready for all the good I am attracting into my life?” I choose excited and ready!!


Gratefully I allow myself to breathe deeply and go to the center of my being. Here is where the fountain of all good begins – the Source of me. This Source is infinitely intelligent and unconditionally loving. It is everywhere I am, because in Truth, It is all there is.

Resting in this sacred space - I feel all fear I have about anything drain away. In its place I find peace – a Divine Peace I now realize was there all along. This Divine Peace moves through me, realigning everything unlike Its perfect pattern in every area of my life – my body, my work, my finances, my relationships. I feel a deep sense of harmony as I recognize how connected I am with The All.

How grateful I am to have this experience. I choose to let this feeling permeate my subjective mind, and it feels so good. I am feeling excited and ready to enjoy my life! It is God’s Life and I have made It a good one!

I release these words, knowing they are so, and so it is.