Friday, November 10, 2006

Whoo Hoo!! Big changes are happening in our world! With last Tuesday’s U.S. elections, and the first female Speaker of the House stepping up – I got really excited. We’re seeing results for the prayers, Treatments, meditations, etc., we have done for our world. Thank you Gods and Goddesses for the work you are doing in Mind!

However, have you noticed that sometimes when we are going for a particular result, once the initial manifestation begins, we stop our mental and emotional work? IE: we’re doing our spiritual work to have the perfect relationship, someone shows up, and we stop the work. Maybe we manifest who seems to be Mr/Ms Wonderful – yet after awhile, we realize this isn’t what we want – this is just shades of the past. Remember – what we are really working for is the CONSCIOUSNESS of a perfect relationship. Whatever we bring into our lives will be at the level of consciousness we are at now. This is the Law of Attraction. We are where we are on our Path of Life, because we’ve accepted where we are as our truth.

Our Spiritual Work never stops. You could groan and think “oh no!” at this news, but in Truth, it is an honour to be able to continually redefine and refine what it is we want in our lives. In our work for Peace, we’re going for inner Peace and Joy, knowing it will ripple outward and affect all. Peace and Joy are an inner experience of Oneness. Oneness is the consciousness we are accepting as our Truth. Keep up the good work!

Grateful Blessings, Rev. Angelica


I rejoice in the outer manifestations of my consciousness. I know this is happening because I recognize the One Presence throughout the universe – that Presence of Divine Love. I know Infinite Intelligence works through me as me, as Spiritual Law and for this I am grateful.

I now bask in the Oneness, never losing sight of my highest ideals. I speak my intentions to experience our world in peace. I know this starts within me, so I intend to be peaceful in my heart and mind and let it radiate out from me throughout my circle of influence.

I intend for all who live upon this earth to know they are of great value, and to have the benefits of that awareness.

I intend for us to experience our Oneness in beautiful and meaningful ways.

All things are possible for those who believe. I believe, and am so grateful.

And so it is.