Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Truth Sets Me Free!

During Oprah's 2nd Lifeclass, various people were shown in clips from past shows as they revealed a truth about themselves and their lives. The show's byline was "The Truth will set you free."

As I watched, I realized this is really what the Occupy Wall Street movement is all about! On the outside, it's about people and corporations and the misuse of funds, yet the bottom line is "No more secrets!"

When I think back over the past couple of decades and the scandals of various types - they were all secrets that had been revealed.

Oprah reminded us that holding onto secrets creates an atmosphere of shame -- and we all know that one!! It doesn't feel good at all! Revealing our secrets, releases the shame. It also allows us to take ownership of what ever we've been hiding.

What secrets am I hiding? or You? Good question. Sometime we've hid them so well, we don't even know who we really are. Let's join the party -- Let's Occupy Truth! If the secret is from the past, tell someone you trust and let it go. There is probably nothing you can do to change the experience - but you can change your energy around it. If you're living a secret now, just remember, if something has to be kept secret, it's something you shouldn't be doing. Move back into integrity. It takes a lot of energy to keep secrets. A lot of energy that could be used for other things!

All this revealing of the Truth is definitely setting us free -- on global and individual level. As we do the work, we are free to be the authentic beings we really are!!

Spiritual Mind Treatment

We live in an unconditionally loving Heart -- the Heart of God. This Love has been ours since we began, and will be ours forevermore. This Love is within us now, and nothing we could ever have done, or do now, can make this Love leave us.

Knowing this, I now allow myself to release what ever I've been hiding. I step out from behind the wall of shame, and declare my Truth. Regardless of appearances, I have always been doing the best I could at the moment. I let go, and let the space where shame resided be filled up with Divine Love.

As I do this, I now feel a lightness of Being. I am able to feel so many things now. My energy is free flowing, and I am free!

With a grateful heart, I breathe deeply and know my Truth. God is the only presence, Love is the only power.

I release these words into the Law of Mind, relaxing as I do so. I am free. And so it is.