Friday, July 17, 2009

Little Things

Yesterday friends treated me to the movie UP! in 3D and dinner for my birthday. I’d never seen a 3D film before and it was great fun!

In the film, Russell, an 8 year old, is talking to Carl, a 78 year old, telling him about his trips to the ice cream store with his father … he ends the tale by saying “It might sound boring, but sometimes it’s the boring things I remember the best.”

That line resonated with all 4 of us during our discussion of the message of the film at dinner.

On the way home I was thinking about how so many are looking for their “Purpose.” In my observation, we think our purpose is supposed to be some Big Deal, something that makes us famous and leaves a legacy. What if in the looking for something bigger, we’re missing the real purpose in the “boring things we remember the best.” If you stop and think back on your lives right now, what is it that you remember? Granted it could be a big event like the birth of a child or a wedding, yet I think it will be times spent with family and friends, doing the day to day stuff.

I believe our Purpose is to experience God in everything - and God is Love. Love isn’t all fireworks and passion – it’s also the “boring things.” Our lives are made up of a strand of little moments – let’s give them the value they deserve!


There is only one Life – God’s. There is only one Love – God. I am so grateful to be aware of this magnificence in, through and as me. My Life is God’s Life, and since God is Love and God is all there is – I too, am Love.

Today I declare “I put Love in action in all my little moments.” If I find myself out of Love, I breathe deeply and remember Who I Am - Love in action. It is up to me to give value to my moments, and so I do, gratefully and gracefully.

I declare I am achieving my Purpose – constantly acknowledging God in every moment and everyone.

Gratefully I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are so – and so It is.