Friday, January 16, 2009


A few days ago, a friend who had been teaching in Asia called me, and we started talking about the fact that in just a few days, the United States will have a new president. She told me everywhere she went, when people discovered she was American, all they wanted to do was talk about was Barak Obama. She said the mention of his name seemed to invoke hope and a sense of everything being right with the world again.

How exciting this is! Yet … on the other hand, there is still so much rancor when George Bush’s name is mentioned. This has got to be healed. How can we move into this new era of hope and make the world right when we refuse to let go of the old? My heart goes out to him. He leaves the Presidency vilified and considered a failure. All that we blame him for has not been entirely his fault. We seem to forget that a President is not a King. They cannot make decisions on their own. They can veto something, but then it goes back to congress and their veto can be overturned. They can put something forward, but it has to be passed by congress. In Truth, the leader of any country is the outpicturing of the collective consciousness of its citizens.

The Master Teacher Jesus said you can’t put new wine into old wineskins. This weekend is the perfect opportunity for all of us to do the forgiveness work necessary to create a better foundation to the new consciousness we are all so excited about. If you are thinking, “I’m not American, I don’t have to do this work,” look into your heart – how do you feel about George Bush or what’s happening in our world? If there is sarcasm, a sense of betrayal, anger or resentment, do your forgiveness work. We are Global Citizens, and every country is our country. All people are our family.

Billions of people are looking at January 20 as a gateway to new life being breathed into our world. You who consider yourselves to be conscious, do your forgiveness work before that date! Do it for yourself, and your human family. Together we are awakening humanity to its spiritual magnificence.

It’s my pleasure to serve you today.
Blessings, Angelica


Gratefully I celebrate the powerful presence of Life within me. I look around my world and see It everywhere. It is awakening our souls, nurturing our spirits, clearing our minds and purifying our hearts. This presence within and around me is The Divine. All powerful, all knowing, everywhere present.

I acknowledge that together we are opening to a new way of being. No longer to we blame and shame. No longer to we hold anything against another. We are ready to be lovingkindness in action, peace personified, Love made manifest.

I personally commit myself to the possibilities of this time, knowing it is Divine Time, and I declare that only the highest good and greatest joy for all is at hand. I pledge myself to my human family to live the very best life, to think on good things, to celebrate Life in all its forms. I promise to honour and respect The Divine in everyone and every thing.

Gratefully I release these words, knowing Divine Mind is assisting me in attaining and maintaining the consciousness I have declared. And so It is.