Friday, September 28, 2007

I’m so excited!! Our Courses start next week. I love taking classes! “Wait a minute,” you might be thinking – “you’re teaching them not taking them!” Yes, I am – but I am also always a student.

The late Dr. Bill Hornaday once told a story at the Asilomar Conference of walking into Dr. Holmes office and finding him at his desk reading the Science of Mind. He asked him what he was doing. Dr. Holmes said “Studying!” Hornaday was surprised – after all, Dr. Holmes had written the book. Dr. Holmes then told him it didn’t matter if he had written it, it was a life-long study.

In our Sunday Gatherings you get the idea of how to use our Principles, and be inspired and empowered to do so. Yet Courses are where the “rubber meets the road.” Do you have an area of your life you’d like to change? Attend a course – change is guaranteed !!

Imagine this – you’re a child, watching other children ride their bikes. You want to do it too. You see you that you get on the bike, put your feet on the pedals and push. You know you can do it, because you have a general understanding of what is necessary for you to do.

Yet everything changes once you actually get on the bike. First, someone has to hold the bike while you learn that magic two wheeler balance. Once you’ve got that down, you discover that things like rocks in the road can totally change your direction. Cars or people in front of you can scare the heck out of you. You have to learn how to turn without falling over and stop without flying over the handlebars.

Then suddenly you’re riding with that group of children you were watching and having a great time! You realize a sense of freedom. You can go anywhere at anytime. And once you’ve got it, you never forget! Even if you don’t ride a bike for years, you’ll still be able to get on and ride away with ease.

Yes, I KNOW how to ride a bike – let me be the one that runs along side you while you’re learning. I’ll teach you all I know, and we’ll learn even more together as we ride – then I’ll learn from you as you surpass me!

Blessings, Rev. Angelica

PS – It doesn't matter what philosophy you follow – courses are like supplements for the mind!! Take one today!


Spirit within me rejoices as I remember there is only One Life - God’s Life and this is the Life I am experiencing moment by moment. I know God is Love and Love points the way while Law makes the way possible.

Today I choose to make conscious choices. I no longer live in reaction to the world around me. I co-create with love and joy in my ability to do so. I create prosperity, health, great creativity, and a deep sense of inner peace. I allow myself to become more familiar with The Divine – that powerful Presence that is within me and around me – that loves me with an unconditional Love – always has, always will.

I am grateful for the Principles of Religious Science. I am grateful I can learn them at a deeper level. I am grateful I can change my thoughts and feelings and change my life!

I release these words to Spiritual Law, knowing they are already so. And so it is.

SOM 208 – Emerson’s Essays starts Tuesday, Oct. 2nd, ONLINE – 6:30 pm – contact me for directions to chatroom

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