Friday, August 04, 2006

The other night I was half listening to an interview on television with an extreme mountain biker. When I looked up and watched the pictures of the man participating in his sport, I could see the joy on his face and knew he was having a great time. He had made a life for himself where he gets to travel all over the world and PLAY!

I personally couldn’t imagine how anyone would want to speed down mountainsides, over rocks and roots, around curves at the tops of cliffs, etc. -- this isn’t my idea of play! I could tell the interviewer was thinking about the dangers, just as I was. She asked him how he avoided them, and he said “You tend to go where you look.”

My ears perked up as that sentence vibrated through my body as a spiritual Truth. He told the interviewer he didn’t look at the ground right in front of his bike as he rode, instead he looked about 40 feet ahead. He went on to tell her that as he focused on the point ahead his mind automatically picked up all the dangers on the route, and adjusted his actions accordingly, so he didn’t have to pay any attention to them.

WOW! What a great example for us in Religious Science! We are taught to keep our eye on the finished goal. To see ourselves as already having the consciousness of the thing we desire. As I thought about this, I realized that Infinite Intelligence within us automatically adjusts everything in our life so that we don’t have to get caught up in the fear of the possibility of bumps and rocks! All we have to do is stay focused on the goal!

“You tend to go where you look.” What are you looking at today?

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


We live, move and have our being in a Great Field of Creative Potentiality. This Field has everything within It we could possibly imagine and more. This Field is waiting for us to set an intention, a goal, and then begins to move on our behalf.

I choose now to be clear in my intentions. I choose to see myself as already having that which I desire. I choose to trust Infinite Intelligence to do Its perfect work, in me, as me. I no longer rest my eyes or my mind on the details or the process. I have nothing to fear. I know that as I speak my word for myself and my world today, my word is backed by the Power of Universal Mind. It moves through me with ease, clearing my Path, attracting to me all that I need to fulfill my intentions. I rely on this Power for my life, because It is my Life and know It serves me well.

Gratefully I accept my good, knowing It is here now. And so it is.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

In line with my summer theme of play, a friend invited me for a sleep-over. We ate popcorn and drank pop and watched The Secret. WOW! This film is so clearly the message given in New Thought churches around the world every Sunday!! I absolutely love it!! I want to share this film with everyone !

As I watched the film, it reminded me once again how simple our teaching is … yet even with this simplicity we all allow ourselves at one time or another to become mesmerized in the ways of the world. Knowing what we know, why do we do this? The Master Teacher Jesus told us to live in the world but be not of it. To me this means to live one day at a time, each moment at a time, fully and authentically, yet don’t get attached to it.

We are being bombarded with information telling us about the horrors of life. There is war, poverty, illness, etc., etc.. I once walked into a T-shirt shop and laughed at one that read “Starring in my Own Soap Opera.” That’s what we’re collectively creating here – the human story – a first class melodramatic soap opera, and we are allowing ourselves to become attached to the details.

In our attachments we spend most of our energy resisting that which we consider negative. Think about diets - we know what we want - to have a healthy body - and all our energy is spent resisting the things we think would be bad for us. The energy we spend in resistance gives the Universe a message that we want more to resist ... and our diet doesn’t work.

Dr. Holmes said in his last Sermon by the Sea: Find me one person who is for something and against nothing ….”

Our purpose here is not to be against anything, or to fight the negativities of the story, but to be FOR something. We have the privilege to become clear as to what we want in our world (personally and globally). We get to choose what we want, share it with joy, and be grateful that we can so do. We can change this soap opera into an inspirational story.

So - What are you standing for?


There is That Within Me that serves me well. It is the Source and substance of all that is. It works through my thoughts and feelings creating that which I am focusing on.

Today I choose to focus on the good, the beautiful and the true. In other words, I focus on The Divine. I let It move through me unblocked by any resistance to my greater good.

I declare I am a powerful person, filled with the divine radiance. I have everything I need for the fulfillment of my hearts desires. I am healthy, wealthy, wise and loved. I love with an open heart. I share my good with joy.

Spirit within me, as me, is living a wonderful life!

I am so grateful I can re-write my script and attract the perfect inspirational story that suits me perfectly! I am so blessed. And so it is.